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Kwantlen Park

Home of the Timberwolves

About the School
About the School


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Our school rules:


Respect Yourself and Others

Respect Learning

Respect the Environment




School Focus: 

Continue to have student achievement as an underlying theme in all school initiatives.


Emphasize and improve student achievement.


Implement a school-wide literacy program.


Continue the implementation of EBS as part of social responsibility.


Promote a community of learners.

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

A large variety of programs to provide students with "choice" in their education.

French Immersion Program.

Inter-A Program

Athletic Program consisting of 26 teams with representation at District, Regional and Provincial competitions.


Advanced Technology throughout facility.


Career Preparation Work Experience Program.

Safe-Teen Program.

Fine Arts Program offering: Theatre/Drama, Dance, Band and Art

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Time: 10/15/2018 11:48:06 PM
Host: AS79
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