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Johnston Heights

An IB World School

Student Fees
Student Fees


At the secondary level each teacher outlines their required supplies in the course outline. 

Anticipated School Fees and Optional Enhancements to Programs for Johnston Heights Secondary School: 2019-2020 
Basic Student Activity Fee    $20
• Eagletime app for students and parents
• Go card 
• Grade 8 agendas
• School-sponsored events such as clubs, athletics, intramurals, BBQs, awards, etc. 
Optional enhancements and extracurricular activities: 
• Grade 11/12  Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer $75
• Grade 9/10    Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer $75
• Grade 8          Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer $45
• Additional sports: Badminton, Cross Country, Track and Field, Swimming, Tennis, Ultimate, Dance    $35
• Ice hockey, Ball hockey, Flag football - Cost is determined by size of team plus facility rental cost and expenses are split evenly. 
1. Athletic Fee includes ticket to Athletic Banquet at end of year.
2. Some sports require a $100 uniform security deposit.
3. These are minimum costs. Teams entering more tournaments and/or travelling will need to pay more.
4. Grade 8 maximum cost is $70. 
Graduation Ceremony     $30
Graduation Dinner and Dance (optional)   $85
Graduation Dry Grad Party (optional)   $50 (presales until Dec 31, 2019) 
Yearbook      $40  
French 10                              $5     
Spanish 9/10                         $28
Spanish 11/12                       $28
Math 11/12                           $20 
Sketchbook: Art 8-12            $5 
Deposit for graphing calculators    $100 (fully refundable upon return) 
Advanced Placement Exam    $125 per exam 
*See full description of fees and enhancements in the document below. 

School Cash Online.docx.pdf
Johnston Heights School Fees 2018-19.pdf
How to Register for Online Payments.pdf
JH Sec School Fees-2019-20.pdf
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