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Johnston Heights

An IB World School



The School Planning Council is an advisory body. The primary responsibility of School Planning Councils is to consult with the school community in developing, monitoring, and reviewing school plans for improving student achievement.
The District’s policy on School Planning Councils defines the Council’s role as follows:
a) Provision of input to and approval of a proposed school plan
b) Consultation on matters referred to it by the Board, the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designate
c) Consultation on matters pertaining to student achievement referred to it by the Principal, the teaching staff, or by the Parent Advisory Council.
It is important that the School Planning Council be proactive in reaching out to all members of the school community. The school community consists of all parents, students, administrators, teachers and support staff.
The School Planning Council consists of:
  • The school principal
  • One teacher representative elected by secret ballot from the teaching staff
  • Three representatives elected by secret ballot from the school’s Parent Advisory Council (at least one representative must be an elected officer of the Parent Advisory Council)
  • In the case of schools enrolling grades 10-12, one representative of the student body
The members of the Johnston Heights Secondary School Planning Council for 09/10 are:
  • Ms. S. Hammond (Principal)
  • Ms. S. Drew
  • Ms. S. Meaden

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Time: 6/20/2018 1:33:30 PM
Host: AS77
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