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Johnston Heights

An IB World School




The mission of the Johnston Heights Secondary School Counselling Department is as follows:
"To collectively enable students to improve their lives by engaging in effective problem solving."
This is accomplished through course planning, career and vocational guidance, and personal one-to-one counselling. At Johnston Heights, we are committed to addressing a broad array of personal concerns as well as acting as a liaison between the school and community based resources. Counselling services are available for all students attending Johnston Heights Secondary School. The counsellors assist students with academic, career, and personal counselling.
Academic Counselling
Students who are experiencing any difficulty in a course should contact the counsellors for assistance. Counsellors help students with educational planning and course selection to fulfill; graduation requirements, job opportunities, and post secondary entrance requirements, and program requirements.
Career Counselling
Students are encouraged to speak to counsellors in determining future career possibilities, and career trends.
Personal Concerns
From time to time problems arise that hinder student performance. Students, and parents are encouraged to contact counselors for assistance when they occur; they include student, peer, family, or teacher issues.
How to Make an Appointment
a.       visit the counselling area and sign up for an appointment time/day in your counsellor’s appointment book.
b.      On the morning of your appointment please pick up your permission slip.  Fill it out regarding date and time.  Fill time in counsellors appointment book, time and date when you are assigned to come in and give your appointment slip to the classroom teacher to sign and then go to your counselling appointment.  The counsellor will sign the slip for the appointment for the student to return to class.
c.        Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s counsellor anytime regarding courses, post-secondary, attendance or any other student related issues.
  • Ms. T. Tifenbach: A-F
  • Ms. R.  Flack: G-Ng
  • Ms. Domingo: Nh-Z  
Peer Mediation
Peer mediation, a method of problem solving, is available to all students of Johnston Heights to help them deal with conflicts. Student mediators help people who want to solve their problem fairly and can’t come to an agreement on their own. It helps people not to judge and they do not take sides; they help students in conflict to focus on solving the problem and find a solution that is acceptable to the people in conflict. Any students wishing mediation should contact their teacher, counsellor, YES worker or Youth Care Worker or an JHSS administrator.
Click here in order to find applications, dates and deadlines for all major post-secondary institutions in British Columbia.
Some universities require the submission of a school profile with the application. For a PDF copy of the Johnston Heights School Profile, click here.


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