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Johnston Heights

An IB Continuum World School for MYP & DP




The mission of the Johnston Heights Secondary School Counselling Department is:
"To collectively enable students to improve their lives by engaging in effective problem solving."

This is accomplished through course planning, career and vocational guidance, and personal one-to-one counselling. At Johnston Heights, we are committed to addressing a broad array of personal concerns as well as acting as a liaison between the school and community based resources. Counselling services are available for all students attending Johnston Heights Secondary School. The counsellors assist students with academic, career, and personal counselling.
Academic Counselling
Students who are experiencing any difficulty in a course should contact the counsellors for assistance. Counsellors help students with educational planning and course selection to fulfill; graduation requirements, job opportunities, and post secondary entrance requirements, and program requirements.
Career Counselling
Students are encouraged to speak to counsellors in determining future career possibilities, and career trends.
Personal Concerns
From time to time problems arise that hinder student performance. Students, and parents are encouraged to contact counselors for assistance when they occur; they include student, peer, family, or teacher issues.
How to Make an Appointment
  • Go to: ;
  • Create your profile and provide as much contact information in case appointments need to be re-scheduled;

Your Preferred User ID will be:  your Student Number (found on your GO Card);

Your Password will be:  Your birthdate (in this format:  YYYYMMDD - no spaces)

Please make your booking with your alpha counsellor.  Let your teacher know you have an appointment and a slip will be provided upon your return to your class.

Parents are encouraged to contact their child's counsellor anytime regarding courses, post-secondary, attendance or any other student related issues but please make an appointment to ensure we have time to discuss these issues.


  • Ms. T. Tifenbach: students with surnames beginning with A-D
  • Mr. M. Sharma: students with surnames beginning with E-K
  • Ms. R. Flack: students with surnames beginning L-Q (Monday - Wednesday)
  • Mr. B. Emerson: students with surnames beginning L-Q (Thursday & Friday)
  • Ms. E. Domingo: students with surnames beginning with R-Z  

    Ms. E.domingo_e@surreyschools.caCounsellorStudents with surnames R - Z
    Mr. Bemerson_b@surreyschools.caCounsellorThursday/Friday: Students last name L-Q
    Ms. Rflack_r@surreyschools.caCounsellorMonday-Wednesday: Students with surnames L - Q
    Mr. M.sharma_m@surreyschools.caCounsellorStudents with surnames E - K
    Ms. T.tifenbach_t@surreyschools.caCounselling Department Leader; Head CounsellorStudents with surnames A - D
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