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Business Education
Business Education

In a fun and interactive way, with lots of projects and use of the internet learn why stock markets go up and down –play the investment game! Discover why precious metals prices fluctuate and discover how taxes impact you, the consumer and your parent’s business. Protect yourself against rising prices –learn to manage your finances!
Business Education 9/10 covers business communications, finance, economics, marketing and entrepreneurship. Understand the effects of competition in the marketplace – Pepsi versus Coke! Learn about the changing nature of marketing—Internet shopping versus store retailers! Develop entrepreneurial skills through simulation exercises –design your own business plan! Students will examine a range of topics including studying the value of currency and investments over time –become a millionaire by age 30! Evaluate the marketing mix for a variety of products –design your own product!
This course is an introduction to the exciting and creative world of graphic design. Using the latest in design software, Indesign CS2, students will learn the basics of good graphic design techniques. Learning how to set up single page documents, placing and editing text, creating and changing layouts, designing logo’s, and setting text around images is just beginning of this interesting and useful course. Examples of projects students will work on include the design of single page flyers, brochures, a magazine advertisement, newspaper lay-outs, and calendar templates. (By applying graphic design principles, students will be able to enhance all their school projects and portfolio documents)
GRAPHIC DESIGN 11 (no prerequisite)
Discover the ease of bringing together text and graphics in this hands-on, project oriented course. Using the latest in industry software, Indesign CS2, you will learn to create professional looking documents and discover how to set up “publisher” ready pages. Learn how to insert and edit images that will enhance all of your school projects and portfolio documents. Explore all of these features while creating multi-page brochures and flyers, newsletters, CD covers, advertisements, concert announcements, book covers and advertising pages. This course can lead to Yearbook 12, the class where the school yearbook is prepared. This course is open to students in both grade 11 or 12.
GRAPHIC DESIGN 12 (no prerequisite)
Enter the exciting world of Photoshop CS2. Have you ever wanted to take an ordinary picture and turn it into an exciting out-of-this world photograph? Then, this is the course for you! Start by learning the basics of Photoshop design and manipulation. Applying advanced design techniques and using classroom scanners and personal and professional photographs develop a variety of exciting applications including CD covers, concert flyers, magazine advertisements, calendar designs and many, many more creative applications.
YEARBOOK 12 - Pre-Requisite – Graphic Design 11, OR a demonstrable knowledge of IndesignCS2 or Photoshop
Yearbook 12 is designed specifically for a limited number of students who have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of either InDesign CS2 or Photoshop CS2. Priority will be given to students who have taken Graphic Design 11. Students who sign up for this course must show they have the ability to take responsibility and work independently. A major course project will ultimately result in the creation and production of the school’s yearbook. This course could result in 8, instead of 4, course credits. See Ms. Lambe in 4FP for addition information.
Don’t wait until college, university or a financial crisis to study accounting! A secondary school credit in accounting will give you a strong head start for any future studies or for managing your own finances. Accounting 11 leads to Accounting 12 where industry standard Simply Accounting applications are studied. The basic course covers the full accounting cycle for individuals with little or no accounting background. Topics include an introduction to accounting theory; traditional record keeping procedures; the accounting cycle; special journals; cash; investments and receivables.
ACCOUNTING 12 - Pre-Requisite - Accounting 11
Using the accounting skills learned in Accounting 11 students will concentrate on developing a working knowledge of Simply Accounting Software by completing numerous accounting simulations.
Take the opportunity to improve your business communication and technical skills and learn the most current business office software – sign up for Business Computer Applications 11. Using Microsoft Office XP, students will improve their keyboarding proficiency while preparing a variety of personal and business documents.
Students, individually and in teams, will have the opportunity to complete a variety of tasks. Students will surf the Internet to find solutions to business problems and produce print publications and electronic communications. Students will design various reports using Microsoft Office XP word processing, spreadsheets, and database programs. Business Computer Applications also introduces students to Microsoft Power Point and students will develop a Power Point presentation that can be included in their graduation Portfolio. This course is open to grade 11 or 12 students.
This new course will provide students with practical solutions to communication situations and problems they will encounter on the job and in life. Focus will be on effective, practical writing tips and document reading and writing exercises. Letters, memos, instructions, reports – formal and informal, job application forms as well as verbal and non-verbal (body language) communication will be introduced. Exercises in listening skills, speed reading and speed writing, and presentation skills will be studied. Using current Microsoft Office XP software students will develop their word processing, business communication and presentation skills to more effectively communicate in today’s high-tech business community. This comprehensive, practical introduction to business communication is open to grade 11 and 12 students.
This recently revised course uses actual business documents and applications from real companies to provide students with a state-of-the-art perspective and hands-on practice with situations they will encounter on the job. Techniques for planning, organizing, selecting and presenting information in business, industry or “real life” will be presented. Emphasis will be on the best methods of managing and distributing information, using a business model.
Using a project approach this fun and creative business course presents basic marketing concepts by focusing on the most exciting topics in marketing today. Units on advertising, sales promotion, packaging and labelling, marketing research techniques and selling strategies will form the basis of this project-oriented course. Learn what advertisers and marketers don’t want you to know!
This business course builds on essential marketing concepts by focusing on the promotional element of the marketing mix. It introduces marketing communication strategy, examines the effective use and design of advertising, window display and product display techniques. Other topics include the design and use of slogans and jingles, market segmentation, ethics, product strategies, store design and pricing. This is very much a project-oriented business course.
This project oriented course will be your introduction to the world of selling, advertising, and business ownership. Small business is the driving force behind Canada’s economy. However, many businesses fail in their first year of operation. The content of this course will introduce you to the organizational and management skills necessary to function effectively in a business environment. In groups and individually, you will use the Internet and other resources to explore entrepreneurial concepts, business plan components, business plan operations, teamwork and networking. Within a team, you will plan, research, develop and run a small business enterprise. Integral to effective business management are well-developed compositional and interpersonal skills. Development of these skills will be incorporated throughout this course.
Scottrowell_w@surreyschools.caInfo Tech/ Business Education Department Leader; Teacher
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