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Hjorth Road Elementary

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

It is each person’s responsibility to attend daily, actively participate and allow others to learn.
It is each person’s responsibility to help others feel accepted, and show consideration for their feelings.
It is each person’s responsibility to listen when others are speaking without interrupting.
It is each person’s responsibility to work and play safely and not to threaten, hit, or
hurt anyone else.
It is each person’s responsibility to respect private and public property and to respect the rights of others.
The goal of our Code of Conduct is to produce responsible, self-directed and cooperative citizens.  All persons who learn in, work in, or use Hjorth Road Elementary School facilities have both rights and responsibilities.
Based on the Code of Conduct, School Board Policies and the law, school policy exists for the following offences:
1.      Violent Acts
2.      Weapons
3.      Vandalism (willful acts that result in damage to property) and theft
4.      Smoking, drugs and alcohol
5.      Willful disobedience toward people in authority
6.      Harassment (repeated teasing, bullying or unwanted interference)
7.      Discrimination – any verbal, written, or physical expression which ridicules, degrades, or expresses hatred based on race, ethnic group, skin colour, language, dress, religion or disability.
8.      Offensive language or material
School administration will determine the severity of the offence and the consequences. Consequences will be applied in a fair and consistent manner, respecting individual rights, responsibilities, age and maturity.
The above applies to everyone at all times on the school premises, going to and from school, at school functions, on field trips, and while traveling to school-sponsored events.
Inappropriate behaviour typically has the following consequences:
• review of expectations and a timeout
• review of expectations, written assignment and/or loss of privileges
• parents are informed
• meeting with the parents
• short-term (in school or at home) suspension up to 5 days
• long-term suspension (over 5 days) or referral to district program
• consultation with police and/or fire department
• expulsion
Safe & Caring School Environments Are Free From Acts Of:
• bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, threat, intimidation
• violence in any form
• abuse in any form
• discrimination in any form
• theft
• vandalism
• retribution against a person who has reported incidents
At Hjorth Road, we do not tolerate the Presence Of:
• intoxicating or banned substances
• weapons or replica (toy) weapons and explosives
• intruders or trespassers - All visitors to the school must first report to the office
As circumstances warrant, administrators have a responsibility to advise other parties following a behaviour incident:
• Parent of student exhibiting major behaviours (in every instance)
• Parent of student on the receiving end (in every instance)
• Assistant Superintendent, Safe Schools team member and/or other District Staff
• Ministerial agencies and/or School Liaison Officer (Police)
The school (in accordance with Board Policy 9410) will have zero tolerance for the possession and/or use of weapons or replicas. Infractions of a serious nature will be dealt with immediately and will result in a suspension from school and may result in criminal charges.
N.B. Teachers and parents should remind students not to bring any weapons (including toys) or anything that could be used as a weapon to school. Supposedly innocent toys, such as squirt guns or cap guns, must be confiscated and returned only to a parent or guardian.
The staff at Hjorth Road believes that a discipline model should develop self awareness and self discipline while maintaining the dignity and respect of all concerned. When implementing school and classroom expectations, logical, realistic and fair consequences are an important part of the process.
CLASSROOM OFFENSES – where students disrupt the learning of others, will follow a progressive discipline plan which may include: Reminders, teacher giving a logical and fair consequence, time-outs, a temporary assignment to another classroom under the supervision of another teacher.  Repeated offences may get referred to the principal, where the consequences could be in-school restrictions during recess and noon hour, as well as a parent conference. Support personnel such as the counsellor, principal, school based team and other district resources may be used to better understand the student's problem and to find solutions.
MINOR OFFENSES OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM - if children are receiving disciplinary measures from various supervising teachers and our playground supervisors, and these actions are deemed as unsafe to themselves and others, the school will be in close communication with the parents /guardians and the children under tight supervision with the principal.
MAJOR OFFENSES will be handled by the administration, and if the behaviors are viewed as serious, the school board authorizes principals to suspend misbehaving students for periods up to five days. The suspension is at the discretion of the school administration and takes into account the circumstances of the incident. "In-school" suspensions have the suspended student working in an alternate classroom, with no peer interaction at recess or lunch. The student remains at school until 3:00.  "Out of school" suspensions are progressive in nature up to a five day limit. Materials for home study are provided. Students are re-admitted after parental contact with the principal.  "Over five day" suspensions may be issued should the school find the student unresponsive to the final steps of the discipline process. The future placement of the student is then determined by a district counselor or by the Board's Suspension Review Committee.
Space and time in the office make it very difficult for students to use the office telephones. Children will be permitted to use the school phones in the event of an emergency, and then only with the permission of their classroom teacher. Students are not permitted to use their cell phones during the school day. Also, electronic devices such as MP3 players, Game Boys, etc should remain in the student’s backpack. To prevent theft of these items, we encourage students to leave these valuables at home. 
If possible, please inform your children before school if there will be any change to their regular routine (i.e. pick-up time etc.) in order that they will not have to use the phone after school.
Security / Visitors
a.        All parents and visitors to the school are reminded to report to the office when entering the building as School Board policy requires that a visitor’s badge be worn.
b.        Parents are encouraged to make appointments before meeting the teachers to avoid class disruptions.
c.        Adults are to use the medical and staffroom washrooms only.
d.       All students must report to the office when coming to or leaving school between 8:45 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
e.        Student supervision is not provided before 8:25 or after 2:45 unless students are at a school-sponsored event.
f.         Students are not to leave the school grounds without permission from their parent, teacher and office.
Out of Bounds
a.   Parking lot, bushes, propane tanks, dumpsters, and stairs.
b.   Front of the school between the main entrance and flag pole, all areas around the gym and bike storage area.
Crosswalk / Streetlights
a.   Students are asked to cross 148th Street at either 104th or 105th Avenue (Holly Park Lane).
b.   Obey the crossing guard and the “Walk/Don’t Walk” signs for your protection.
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