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Harold Bishop

Bolstering our collective potential

About Our School
About Our School




  • To focus on classroom instructional interventions by establishing a core reading framework for all grades

  • To implement proactive and early intervention strategies to support the needs of students in the area of reading 

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • School-based implementation of a core reading framework

  • Learning resource plan supports the use of the Nelson reading series

  • Bi-annual school-wide reading assessment

  • Early intervention program for at-risk readers

  • Radical Reader Literacy promotion

  • Home reading programs

  • Peer tutoring - reading

  • Bi-annual book fair events

  • Fourth year implementation of Effective Behaviour Support

  • School-wide use of student agendas

  • Annual participation in science fair, school and area public speaking events and Terry Fox Run

  • Monthly assemblies - Celebration of Learning

  • Extracurricular activities - sports, fine arts, chess

  • Student service clubs, library, tech team, lunch monitors, door monitors, student council

  • Computers

  • Student recognition program

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