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Guildford Park Secondary

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Guildford Park Secondary offers a number of different clubs to support students' interests.  Students interested in starting a club can do so by getting a group together, finding a sponsor teacher, and getting approval of the administration.  If travelling is involved, students are required to provide their own transportation.  For further information about any club, please feel free to contact a school administrator, or the teacher sponsor of the club.  

If parents wish to have their children excluded from a club or extra-curricular activity, please contact any of the Vice-Principals or the Principal.  

Below is a list of clubs that have been offered in the past at Guildford Park Secondary.  If new clubs are added throughout the year, we will add them to this list:

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Mr. Skobla, Ms. Kelley Tuesdays - LunchC205
Mr. FramptonThursdays - After SchoolGarden (Behind Portables)
Mr. DumouchelleMondays - After SchoolA206-A207
Mr. KwanWednesdays - After SchoolB205
Ms. DoreyThursdays - After School A206-A207
Mr. WillardTuesdays - LunchA200
Ms. CarlsenLunch (Day TBA*)B103
Mr. Schieve, Ms. DorschWednesdays - LunchC211 , A101
Ms. WarkentinAfter School (Day TBA*)A105
Ms. DiewertTuesdays - After SchoolCafe Prep Room
Mr. SchieveTBA*C111
Ms. CoeWednesdays - After SchoolC208
Ms. KelleyMondays/Tuesdays - After SchoolC205
Ms. NeilsenTuesdays - LunchC107
Chris TaitThursdays - After School C208
Ms. NeilsenTBA*C110
Ms. CoeThursdays - LunchC208
Mr. PrasadWednesdays - LunchB200
Mr. FramptonWednesdays - LunchB101
Mr. Mac, Ms. KoonerMondays-Fridays - Lunch/After TBA*A200
Ms. O'NeillThursday - LunchA207
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