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Guildford Park Secondary

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While schools are closed, counselling services are still available for students attending Guildford Park. We will be available through email and telephone. We continue to work with students to provide individual counselling support, discuss and help plan for post-secondary education and assist with other student needs during this unique and challenging time. 


Connecting with a counsellor: 

Students can book an appointment to have a telephone counselling session with his/her counsellor.  

Please email your counsellor with the following information:  

a. Preferred date/time to phone you  

b. Preferred phone number to call you at  

Counsellors can be reached by phone (call or text) 8:00AM - 4:00PM on school days and/or by email. 

Ms. Adams 

(778) 772-4884

Ms. Carlsen
(778) 772-5238

Ms. Missellbrook
(778) 772-1135

Ms. Hacker
(604) 347-7887

Parents are encouraged to make contact with us if they are concerned about their child or have any questions.   


Course Planning and Post-Secondary Information:

Students may seek assistance from counsellors when selecting courses each year and determining occupational and post-secondary institution entrance requirements. Counsellors will be posting up to date information as it comes regarding post-secondary admissions, accessing transcripts and more on this website and in Microsoft Teams on our GP Counselling Support page (which will be available soon).  


Personal Concerns:

Counsellors are available to discuss questions or concerns as they arise by phone or by email. If you are struggling or just need to talk in regards to: 

  • - your own mental health (depression, anxiety, stress, etc) 

  • the mental health of someone you care about 

  • - need access to resources in the community (food, financial, health, etc) 

  • - abuse and/or safety concerns 

  • - relationship issues  

  • - substance use/abuse issues 

  • - other 


We understand the social aspect of school is very important for students and that you miss connecting with friends, teachers and all of the other supportive adults at Guildford Park. We are missing you all too! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us as needed. Please also check this webpage and our GP Counselling Support page in Teams (available soon) as there are some great resources available for you!   


Take Care, 

Ms. Carlsen, Ms. Adams, Ms. Missellbrook and Ms. Hacker  

    Cindyadams_c@surreyschools.caDepartment Head/Counsellor, works with students last name R-Z
    Carriecarlsen_c@surreyschools.caDepartment Head/Counsellor, work with students last name Df-Li
    Jenniferhacker_j@surreyschools.caCounsellor, works with students last name A-De
    Gillianmissellbrook_g@surreyschools.caCounsellor, work with students last name Lj-Q
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