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School Registration
School Registration


New student registration

The Surrey School District is pleased to welcome all new students to our schools. In-person registration is required at the neighbourhood school or school of choice (if space is available). The following documents are required at the school when registering: 

  1. Proof of birth date for the student (birth certificate or passport). 

  2. Proof of guardianship (as shown on child’s birth certificate, or other appropriate legal documentation such as landed immigrant document or guardianship order). 

  3. Proof of citizenship for both the parent and student (Canadian birth certificate, citizenship card, passport, landed immigrant document, permanent resident card, enhanced driver’s license or enhanced identification card). 

  4. Proof of residence (e.g., ordinarily resident) of parent/guardian in BC: 

    1. BC driver’s license, BC Services Card, BCID or BC Care Card of parent/legal guardian; and                       

    2. A combination of other supporting documentation such as ownership/long-term lease of dwelling, vehicle registration, employment within community, Canadian income tax record, etc. 

  5. Proof of living address (purchase or rental agreement, utility bill).* 

* Sullivan Heights Secondary, Woodward Hill Elementary, Goldstone Park Elementary, Cambridge Elementary, Hyland Elementary and Sullivan Elementary are subject to additional proof of living address requirements. Three pieces of ID showing address, one of which must be government issued, must be presented in order to complete the registration process.​

The school district recognizes that personal circumstances may make it difficult for some individuals to complete the registration process. Please discuss any unique circumstances with the school principal when registering.  We welcome all new students and we are pleased to assist in any way we can.

If you don't know the nearest school to you, visit the Locate a School page.

If you have further questions, please contact the neighbourhood school, or the school district at 604-596-7733.

On-Line Registration Process - Student Registration 
by Karen Piper
 11/4/2020 2:42 PM