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Class Assignments
Class Assignments


A great deal of time and effort goes into the appropriate placement of students. When assembling classes, meetings are held which combine input from last year’s teachers, the Learner Support Teacher (LST), the Counsellor, the Child Care Worker and the Administration Team. When students are placed in classes, the following factors are taken into consideration. As each class situation is different, the factors are not in order of importance.

  • Academic Ability – we try to ensure that each class has students with a variety of ability levels
  • Gender – attempts are made to form classes with equal numbers of girls and boys
  • Group Dynamics – based on past experience, some students may not be placed in the same class as they experience difficulties together, while other students may be placed together because they work well together
  • Behaviour – students requiring behavioural support are placed in classes that best meet their needs
  • Teaching/Learning Styles – some students are placed in classes because the teaching/learning situation will be the most beneficial to them
  • Parent Requests – parents often come to the school in the Spring to make placement requests for the next year. If these requests are for educational reasons, we try to honour them if possible.

Given the above criteria, our staff works hard to ensure that each class will form a solid and effective learning group. If parents have educational concerns about the placement of their child, they are welcome to discuss them with their teacher and, if agreement is not achieved, with the school administrator.​

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