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The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.



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Provides service opportunities, social issue workshops and create a mentorship program for students in the school.NLC - Tue Bi-weekly at 11:20Ms. Currie
The Model United Nations is a series of programs run throughout the country and the world with the goals of furthering understanding about the United Nations, educating participants about world issues and promoting peace and the work of the United NationsRoom 213 - Friday afterschoolMs. Rakkar
Represent the student voices through the Hawk Word school newspaper.Room 217 - TuesdaysMr. Kelly
Learn how to debate and take part in competitions.Room 213 - Tue afterschoolMs. Rakkar
For students who are passionate about environmental issues and making a difference in your community.Room 203 - Thu at lunchMs. Sereda
Support BC Children's Hospital through volunteering & fundraisingTeams and Room D104 - Tue at lunch Ms. Gonsales
Learn the principals of trial advocacy and apply them to fictitious cases and participate in tournaments.Room 213 - Monday afterschool Ms. Rakkar
For Anime enthusiastsRoom 204 - Wed 3-4:30 pmMr. Ho
Red Cross Club aims to to provide humanitarian aid for disaster relief through fundraisers, donations, and awareness. Room 214 - Thu at 11:20 Ms. Balikis
To raise awareness and fundraise for Surrey Memorial HospitalRoom D105 - Every 2nd Monday at lunchMs. Brar
Prepare for math contests & learn different math conceptsRoom D203 - Thu afternoonsMs. Buhariwala
A safe space to allow members of the LGBTQ community plus allies to come and share ideas, issues, and work on promoting celebration of the diversity in our school spaceRoom D201 - Every Monday at lunchMs. Kambo
Help plan events in the school to celebrate & honor various cultures.Room D201 - Every other MondayMs. Kambo
The HPI club works to educate and engage young Canadians in the conversation about homelessness.Room 204 - Wed at lunchMr. Ho
This club is for students in grades 10-12 who wish to build robots and participate in competition robotics.Teams - TBAMs. Desrochers
Learn coding with your peers.Room 103 - Tue at lunchMs. Li
Foster a community of artists in the school. Room 125 - Wed at lunchMr. Dyment
Learn all about taking care of bees.Room 100 - Mondays 11:10-12:05 Mr. Pielak
Help plan and implement activities to help welcome new students to our school. Room 209 - 2nd to last Monday of the month at lunch Mr. Clarke & M. Chatha
It's an activity that allows people to express themselves at whatever level they're comfortable with and to have fun doing it. The club will meet once a month to talk about skateboarding and watch some current skate films.Room 210 - Once a month at lunch Mr. Dewar
An empowerment group to help students adjust to secondary shool life.Fraser Heights Rec Centre - Thu 2:30-4:30Ms. Gillard
Raise awareness and help those in need.Library - Mondays at 11:20Ms. Monk
The club will help prepare grade 8 & 9 students for math contests.Room D100 & Teams - Thu at 3:30 Mr. Ahn
If you specialize in a particular subject help students with their homework and perform better in school.Room 210 - Tue, Wed & Fri at lunchMr. Dewar & Ms. Grewal
Learn how to engage in creative thinking & team building in a gamified way.Room 214 - TueMs. Balikis
Empower and inspire positive identities within south Asian students in Surrey so we can then present and promote these positive identities to peer groups, and mainstream youth to prevent the spread of negative stereotypes. Room D104 - Bi-weekly Thursdays at lunchMs. Brar & Ms. Gonsales
We want this club to help students become financially literate, realize the importance of investing, and how to grow their wealth. Which is an important skill to have in the real world and is rarely taught in schools. Room D202 - Fri at lunchMs. Tran
To allow students who enjoy dancing + kpop and want to share and express their passion for it with others. We will have meetings/ practices to learn dances suggested by club members and be able to perform dances once a month. Every Thu & Fri during lunch in the NLCMs. Rakkar
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Time: 1/27/2022 9:54:01 PM
Host: AS78
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