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Fraser Heights

Home of the Firehawks



The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.



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Ms. Parker-JervisWednesdays at LunchRoom 216
Ms. CurrieTuesdays at lunchRoom 216
Ms. RakkarFridays at lunch/afterschoolRoom 213
Ms. GrewalTuesdays 11-12Room 217
Ms. Van Rhyn/Ms. DesrochersBlogBlock D 2nd SemesterRoom 102
Ms. RakkarTuesdays afterschoolRoom 213
Mr. Van VugtThursdays at lunchRoom 101
Ms. SeredaMondays at lunchRoom 203
Ms. KamboTuesdays at lunchRoom D201
Ms. VukajWednesday 11-11:30Room D204
Ms. BrewerThursdays at lunchRoom 214
Ms. BrewerTuesday at lunchRoom 214
Ms. RakkarMondays at 3 pmRoom 213
Mr. HoskinWednesdays at 11:15Room 215
Ms. BrarBi-weekly Wednesdays 11:10-11:40Room D105
Mr. PielakEvery other Monday at lunchRoom 101
Ms. Wong & Mr. StruikBi-weekly Thursdays at lunchRoom 206
Mr. HoThursdays 3 - 4 Room 208
Mr. Clarke/Ms. ChathaWednesdays 11-11:30Room 209
Ms. Brar/Ms. Gonsales/Ms. KamboThursdays at lunchRoom D104
Ms. Nickel/Mr. DymentMondays at lunchRoom 125
Ms. BuhariwalaTuesdays 3 to 4 pm Room D203
Ms. HuskinsBi-weekly Wednesdays at lunchRoom 119
Ms. BuhariwalaMath Challengers ProgramWednesdays 3 to 4 pmRoom D203
Ms. CurrieWednesdays after schoolRoom 209A
TBAThursdays at lunchRoom 217
Mr. HoskinFridays 11:30 - 12:00Room 215
Ms. LewisFridays at lunchRoom 115
Ms. KamboMondays at lunchRoom D201
Ms. Brar/Ms. Gonsales at lunchRoom D104
Mr. NewtonWednesdays 11:10-11:55Room 103
Mr. Kambo/Mr. Bylenga/Mr. van den BroekWednesdays 11:15Room D201
Ms. BrewerWednesdays 3:00 Room 214
Ms. Parker-JervisThursdays at lunchRoom 216
Mr. DewarWednesdays & Fridays 11:20 - 11:50Grass Field/Main Gym
Mr. HoWednesdays at lunchRoom 208
Mr. HoskinsMondays at lunchRoom 215
Ms. Gillard/Ms. Mohammed
Ms. MonkTuesdays 3 - 4 pm Erma Stephenson Library
Mr. AndresFridays at LunchRoom 216
Ms. KamboThursdays at lunchRoom D201
Ms. BuhariwalaTuesday at lunchRoom D203
Mrs. GrzeskowiakWednesday at lunchRoom 104
Ms. Van RhynTuesdays at lunchRoom 102
Ms. GonsalesFridays afterschoolRoom D104
Mr. HoMondays 3-5 Room 208
Mr. HornFridays at lunchBand Room
Ms. SachdevaThursdays monthly 11-11:30Room 212
Mr. NewtonFridays 11:15 - 11:55Room 103
Mr. StruikFridays during lunchRoom D101
Ms. BittnerTuesdays at 11:20Room 218
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Time: 9/26/2020 5:41:02 AM
Host: AS79
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