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Fraser Heights

Home of the Firehawks



The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.



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Ms. Parker-JervisWednesdays at LunchRoom 216
Mr. KellyTuesdays at lunchRoom 216
Ms. RakkarFridays at lunch/afterschoolRoom 213
Mr. KellyTuesdays 11-12Room 217
Ms. Van Rhyn/Ms. DesrochersBlogBlock D 2nd SemesterRoom 102
Ms. RakkarTuesdays afterschoolRoom 213
Mr. Van VugtThursdays at lunchRoom 101
Ms. SeredaMondays at lunchRoom 203
Ms. KamboTuesdays at lunchRoom D201
Ms. VukajWednesday 11-11:30Room D204
Ms. BrewerThursdays at lunchRoom 214
Ms. BrewerTuesday at lunchRoom 214
Ms. RakkarMondays at 3 pmRoom 213
Mr. HoskinWednesdays at 11:15Room 215
Ms. BrarBi-weekly Wednesdays 11:10-11:40Room D105
Mr. PielakEvery other Monday at lunchRoom 101
Ms. Wong & Mr. StruikBi-weekly Thursdays at lunchRoom 206
Mr. HoThursdays 3 - 4 Room 208
Mr. Clarke/Ms. ChathaWednesdays 11-11:30Room 209
Ms. Brar/Ms. Gonsales/Ms. KamboThursdays at lunchRoom D104
Ms. Nickel/Mr. DymentMondays at lunchRoom 125
Ms. BuhariwalaTuesdays 3 to 4 pm Room D203
Ms. HuskinsBi-weekly Wednesdays at lunchRoom 119
Ms. BuhariwalaMath Challengers ProgramWednesdays 3 to 4 pmRoom D203
Ms. CurrieWednesdays after schoolRoom 209A
Mr. KellyThursdays at lunchRoom 217
Mr. HoskinFridays 11:30 - 12:00Room 215
Ms. LewisFridays at lunchRoom 115
Ms. KamboMondays at lunchRoom D201
Ms. Brar/Ms. Gonsales at lunchRoom D104
Mr. NewtonWednesdays 11:10-11:55Room 103
Mr. Kambo/Mr. Bylenga/Mr. van den BroekWednesdays 11:15Room D201
Ms. BrewerWednesdays 3:00 Room 214
Ms. Parker-JervisThursdays at lunchRoom 216
Mr. DewarWednesdays & Fridays 11:20 - 11:50Grass Field/Main Gym
Mr. HoWednesdays at lunchRoom 208
Mr. HoskinsMondays at lunchRoom 215
Ms. Gillard/Ms. Mohammed
Mr. KellyTuesdays 3 - 4 pm Erma Stephenson Library
Mr. AndresFridays at LunchRoom 216
Mr. SaboTuesdays 3-4 pm Weight Room
Ms. KamboThursdays at lunchRoom D201
Ms. BuhariwalaTuesday at lunchRoom D203
Mrs. GrzeskowiakWednesday at lunchRoom 104
Ms. Van RhynTuesdays at lunchRoom 102
Ms. GonsalesFridays afterschoolRoom D104
Mr. HoMondays 3-5 Room 208
Mr. HornFridays at lunchBand Room
Ms. SachdevaThursdays monthly 11-11:30Room 212
Mr. NewtonFridays 11:15 - 11:55Room 103
Mr. StruikFridays during lunchRoom D101
Session info
Time: 1/23/2020 12:30:54 PM
Host: AS78
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