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Frank Hurt

Our mission is to build a caring community of learners that ensures student success.

About the School
About the School




  • To improve student learning opportunities and student learning outcomes in literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills

  • To support and develop programs and resources designed to maximize all students’ learning potential and meet the diverse needs of our student population

  • To develop student attitudes and activities which enhance school safety, pride, spirit, appreciation for culture and diversity and personal and social responsibility

  • To improve interactions communication and involvement of students, parents, staff and the community

  • To develop programs and resources designed to maximize avenues of student learning, enhance student transition between high school and post secondary learning and provide a basis for post graduation success

  • Vision: To be a diverse, inclusive community of visionary learners which fosters respect and a passion for life-long learning.

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • Conflict resolution and peer mediation program

  • TV and film program

  • Football and rock climbing teams

  • Grades 8 and 9 integrated studies program

  • Dynamic Student Council leadership

  • Enrichment courses at all grade levels

  • Extensive career preparation and coop education programs

  • Automotive program builds and races their own cars

  • Outstanding fine arts department

  • Award winning physical education program

  • Grade 10 Safe Teen program

  • Leadership Academy Action Research project

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