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Physical Education
Physical Education


The aim of Physical Education is to enable all students to develop knowledge, movement skills, and positive attitudes and behaviors that contribute to a healthy active lifestyle.

Joebreda_j@surreyschools.caP.E. teacherPE 8-10; Active Living 11/12,CLE10
Kelseybryant_kelsey@surreyschools.caPE TeacherPE 8 & 9/FIT&HLS10
Nickday_n@surreyschools.caPE TeacherPE10, Act Living 11-12,
Craigerb_c@surreyschools.caDepartment Head - Athletics
Amberforsythe_a@surreyschools.caPE TeacherPE 8 & 10,CLC 12
Russheggie_r@surreyschools.caP.E. teacherPE 8, 9, CLE 10 CLC 12B
Pamreynolds_p@surreyschools.caDept. Head - Jr. P.E.; PE TeacherPE 8&10
Zoelthibault_z@surreyschools.caAthletic Director / P.E. teacherPE 10/ Weight Train11&12
Bettytran_b@surreyschools.caPE TeacherPE 9
Sunnyuppal_s@surreyschools.caDept. Head - Senior PE; P.E. TeacherPE 9; Active Living 11&12, Weight Train 11&12
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 Grade 8-10 Physical Education Curriculum
 Grade 11 and 12 Physical Education Curriculum
 Outdoor Ed at Fleetwood
Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale.pdf
Mission statement for PE.pdf