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Fleetwood Park

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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Fleetwood Park has a history of fostering social responsibility both within the school community and in the global community.
Respect Yourself & Others
Respect the Environment
Respect Learning
Staff, students and any other community member who is in the school are expected to model the behaviour that is in keeping with this code.
The staff of Fleetwood Park Secondary is committed to fostering positive, supportive relationships between students, parents and school personnel.  School rules and policies have been established for everyone‟s protection, safety and well-being. At Fleetwood Park we expect students to assume responsibility for their behaviour. The staff assists students in developing skills for resolving conflict, problem solving and decision making.  Teachers review expectations on an ongoing basis. Students are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the Code in classrooms, in the school building, on school grounds and at school functions.
Fleetwood Park Code of Conduct 2021-22.docx