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Erma Stephenson

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School Supply Lists
School Supply Lists


​There are two ways for Grade 1-7 families to get the school supplies children will need next year. Parents can download the school supply lists posted below and purchase the supplies at a store of their choice. Or, parents can order a grade appropriate supply package from School Start. They fill our supply lists and deliver the package to your homel with your children's names attached. We do not have a business, school or financial relationship of any kind with School Start. We merely offer their service as a option for parents to consider.

Kindergarten teachers purchase supplies for their students and will request a contribution from parents in September to defray the cost.  

Grade 7  School Supply List.pdf
2018 2019 Grade 6 Intensive French  School Supply List.pdf
Grade 6  School Supply List.pdf
Grade 5  School Supply List.pdf
Grade 3 School Supply List.pdf
Grade 4  School Supply List.pdf
Grade 2 School Supply List.docx.pdf
Grade 1 School Supply list.pdf
School Start Supplies Letter.pdf
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