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Erma Stephenson

Encouraging students to be caring individuals and life-long learners.



Please find our newsletters listed below.

Registration-New Students-English.pdf
School Fees - Erma Fall 2016 final.pdf
Parent Engagement Letter.pdf
191851 Parent Letter_Curriculum Timeline.pdf
weather letter to parents.pdf
MUNCH A LUNCH PAC Lunch Program.pdf
Schoolnaming-Grandview ClaytonN ClaytonNW.pdf
2017 2018 School Supply Fees.doc
2017 2018 School Supply Fees.pdf
13 Reasons Why Netflix Series - Punjabi.pdf
13 Reasons Why Netflix Series - Korean.pdf
13 Reasons Why Netflix Series - English.pdf
13 Reasons Why Netflix Series - Chinese Traditional.pdf
2017 2018 School Calendar.doc
Grade Six Supplies 1718.pdf
Grade Six Intensive French Supplies 1718.pdf
Grade Five Supplies 1718.pdf
Grade Four Supplies 1718.pdf
Grade Three Supplies 1718.pdf
Grade Two Supplies 1718.pdf
Grade One Supplies 1718.pdf
2017 2018 SchoolStart Supply Letter to Parents.pdf
Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2017.pdf
Elem. Parent Start Up Letter Sept 2017.pdf
7. Student Accident - Application Form.pdf
6. Student Accident - Flyer.pdf
5. Student Accident - Premiums (1 pg).pdf
4. Student Accident - Benefit Summary (1pg).pdf
3. Student Accident - Newsletter Wording.pdf
2. Student Accident Info Sheet - Punjabi.pdf
1. Student Accident Info Sheet - English.pdf
CommunitE PARENTS.pdf
Kindertarten lottery 2018 Programs of Choice.pdf
Progragms of Choice and Focus Program Information meetings.pdf
February 1, 2018 Newsletter.pdf
PAC fundraiser Feb. 27.pdf
Intensive French Announcement for the newsletter.docx.pdf
April  newsletter.pdf
May Newsletter.pdf
EA info session poster.pdf
Schoolnaming ad- EdgewoodDr-DouglasDufferinPk.pdf
KP Parent Forum 2018.pdf
2018 2019 School Calendar.doc
2018 2019 School Calendar.pdf
June 7 Newsletter.pdf
Erma Stephenson Elementary - Grade 1.pdf
Grade 2 School Supply List.docx.pdf
Grade 3 School Supply List.pdf
Grade 4  School Supply List.pdf
Grade 5  School Supply List.pdf
Grade 6  School Supply List.pdf
Grade 6 Intensive French  School Supply List.docx.pdf
Grade 7  School Supply List.pdf
Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2018.pdf
Year End June 28.docx.pdf
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Time: 7/21/2018 7:29:58 PM
Host: AS79
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