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Enver Creek Secondary

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Student Fees
Student Fees

Instruction is provided free of charge to all students registered in a school’s education program sufficient to meet the general requirements of graduation, and it shall provide free of charge any resource materials necessary to participate in that program. The School Act permits the charging of fees for certain items. In Surrey secondary schools, the following structure applies through Board Policy 9802 related to fees and any costs for students or families. Students will need to provide their own basic supplies and equipment for their own personal use such as paper, writing tools, calculators, notebooks, gym attire and sewing kits, and some other items needed for various electives. Workbooks may be provided to students on loan, or they may be purchased for personal use. Students can also elect to purchase other support materials (professional resources including practice examinations) through their teachers.
Some courses such as Textiles and Woodwork provide students with the option of using different or better quality materials, which may be brought from home or purchased from the school at cost. Some courses, such as AP (Advanced Placement), offer optional certifications or external examinations for which there are charges. If you wish to discuss the implications that these charges may have on your son or daughter, please contact our school administration.
            Student Activity Fee ................. $20.00*

(Includes Student Agenda $4.00, Student Activities $6.00, Athletics $8.00,and Locker Maintenance $2.00)

School Supplies:
As each student will have a different schedule and different teachers, we do not provide a standard list of required school supplies.
If you wish to purchase some items prior to the start of school, the following are general supplies used for most classes:
  • 3-ring binders (approximately 1 ½")
  • Supply of loose-leaf paper
  • Index dividers
  • Ruler
  • Glue Stick
  • Pens, pencils, erasers
  • Pencil crayons
  • USB flash drive 
Please do not purchase a calculator until your child has spoken with his/her Mathematics teachers.
Teachers may have specific requirements for each class and will advise students of those items during the first week of school.