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Welcome to the Science Department!

It's impossible to imagine our modern lives without science. Just think... we'd have no electricity, no cell phones or internet, no medicine, primitive transport infrastructure, unsafe buildings and bridges... it would be like living in the Middle Ages.  

In our department we are passionate about encouraging and inspiring the next generaton of scientists, doctors, nurses and engineers.  We strive to provide a hands-on experience because we believe science is a process, not just a body of knowledge to memorize. Instead we want to engage students creativity and innovation by offering open-ended challenges and more complex problems.  


We recognize that students often require extra support with certain units to get the best out of theselves and we're happy to help. Please contact your child's teacher (email is best) if you need any clarification or help.

Keep your eyes on the 'Announcements' for news of competitions, clubs and challenges...​​
P.cheng_p@surreyschools.caTeacherScience / Physics
S.dhasi_s@surreyschools.caTeacherScience / Biology
L.lunghamer_l@surreyschools.caTeacherScience / Chemistry
H.murray_heather@surreyschools.caTeacherScience / Chemistry
S.pillay_s@surreyschools.caDepartment LeaderScience / Chemistry
P.randhawa_priya@surreyschools.caTeacherScience / Biology
K.schmelcher_k@surreyschools.caTeacherScience / Physics
S.wang_t@surreyschools.caTeacherScience / P.H.E.
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 Some interesting stuff!
 SIgn up for the Enver Creek Science Fair!
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Time: 2/26/2020 2:07:39 AM
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