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Enver Creek Secondary

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At our school students have opportunities to learn a variety of basic numeracy skills in the junior grades and advanced university math in senior courses.  We have a strong team of staff who is committed towards helping students to succeed in math.


'Small minds discuss persons. Average minds  discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. Really great minds discuss mathematics.'


Course Websites for Students:

  1. Click on "Sign Up" button (on top right corner)
  2. Click on "Student"
  3. Copy one of the following "Access Code"
  4. Paste the code on the blank and press "Continue"
  5. Create your account using your name and email address

If you already have a schoology account:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Click on "Courses" tab (at the top)
  3. Click on "Join" (at the bottom)
  4. Copy one of the following "Access Code"
  5. Paste the code on the blank and press "Join"

Schoology Access Code

Foundations of Mathematics 8:  H2MR4-8MHJK

Foundations of Mathematics 9: ZWG7J-9FZ2W

Foundations of Mathematics & Pre-Calculus 10: 575X9-R5D4Z

Foundations of Mathematics 11: VHTVV-8S97N

Pre-Calculus 11:  T24RC-5BTQR

Foundations of Mathematics 12: HKG4T-589VR

Pre-Calculus 12: CT9XX-2PTZW

Note: Once you have entered the access code in schoology, you cannot remove yourself from the course. If you want to be removed from the course, simply send a message to the Admin of the course.


Math Fair Projects (Gr. 8)

Dorothy's Advanture.JPG 

 The Switch.JPG

A.hom_a@surreyschools.caTeacherDepartment Leader
H.yuen_h@surreyschools.caTeacherDepartment Leader
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 Provincial Exams Information
Appenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 10 Formula Sheet.pdf
Foundations of Mathematics and PreCalculus 10 Formula Sheet.pdf
Foundations of Mathematics 12 Formula Sheet.pdf
PreCalculus 12 Formula Sheet.pdf
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Time: 7/1/2020 11:52:34 PM
Host: AS79
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