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Enver Creek Secondary

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At our school students have opportunities to learn a variety of basic numeracy skills in the junior grades and advanced university math in senior courses.  We have a strong team of staff who is committed towards helping students to succeed in math.

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G.ardagh_g@surreyschools.caScience/Math Teacher
M.biggin_m@surreyschools.caMath/BASES Teacher
E.dubland_e@surreyschools.caMath/Science Teacher
M.gocmen_m@surreyschools.caMath Teacher
I.hollick_i@surreyschools.caScience/Math Teacher
A.hom_a@surreyschools.caMath/Science TeacherDepartment Leader
T.huynh_t@surreyschools.caMath Teacher
P.mcnichol_p@surreyschools.caMath Teacher
K.schmelcher_k@surreyschools.caMath/Science Teacher
H.wilson_heather@surreyschools.caMath/Science Teacher
I.woods_i@surreyschools.caScience/Math Teacher
H.yuen_h@surreyschools.caMath TeacherDepartment Leader
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 BC Math Curriculum K-12
 Numeracy Assessment Info
 Gauss 8 Math Contests Info
 Pascal/Cayley/Fermat 9-11 Math Contests Info
 Euclid 12 Math Contests Info
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