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Enver Creek Secondary

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      Counselling services are available for students at Enver Creek. Counsellors assist students in planning their programs, discussing post-secondary education, and helping them resolve personal concerns.
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      Ms. Phillips: A – Deo
      Ms. Gill: Dep - Kas
      Ms. Spencer: Kat - Raz
      Ms. Tomnuk: Rb - Z (AP Co-ordinator)
      Course Planning
      Students may seek assistance from the counsellors when selecting courses each year and determining occupational and post-secondary institution entrance requirements.
      Personal Concerns
      Counsellors are available to discuss questions or concerns as they arise. For example:
      • Dealing with stress and depression
      • Anxiety
      • Substance abuse issues
      • How to deal with bullying behaviour
      • Abuse issues
      • Relationship issues
      Parental Interviews
      Parents are encouraged to make contact with the school regarding their child’s progress. Conferences may be arranged through parent, teacher or counsellor.
      Counsellors coordinate a mediation service to help students deal with disagreements, arguments, or misunderstandings. Mediation is a safe place for individuals in conflict to talk and to listen to one another and to create agreements to end the conflict. We are committed to the process of people working out their conflicts in a constructive way.

K.spencer_k@surreyschools.caCounsellorDepartment Leader
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