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 InformationImportant Parent Survey

  Dear Ellendale Families,

  Please check your email for an important survey that has been emailed to all Parents today. The survey is due by August 31, 2020. If you did not receive the email with the survey please email the office directly at with your new email address and we will email you the link.  

  Thank you, 

  Ellendale Elementary Office

8/24/20209/1/2020 12:00 AMShannon Marshall8/24/2020 1:20 PMShannon Marshall8/24/2020 1:26 PM
 InformationDid you miss our virtual parent information event?

Check HERE for a link to the presentation by Superintendent Jordan Tinney and other helpful resources.

6/17/20206/17/2020 12:00 AMSheila Reynolds6/9/2020 9:59 AMSheila Reynolds6/18/2020 11:27 AM
 InformationLive virtual parent information event June 8

Supt. Jordan Tinney will cover important topics & address parent questions and concerns. Check HERE for more information and a link to the live event.

6/4/20206/8/2020 12:00 AMSheila Reynolds6/4/2020 9:21 AMSheila Reynolds6/4/2020 9:21 AM
 AlertAll Schools: In-class instruction suspended indefinitely

The BC government has suspended all in-class kindergarten through Grade 12 instruction indefinitely to help contain the spread of COVID-19. See the district's COVID-19 updates HERE

​In addition, all rentals and community use of Surrey & White Rock school facilities (except childcare) have been cancelled until May 31. Please contact for refunds or further info.

School playgrounds are also closed until further notice, and the District Education Centre and other district buildings and offices are currently closed to the public.

5/6/20205/15/2020 12:00 AMSheila Reynolds3/17/2020 4:24 PMSheila Reynolds5/7/2020 9:41 AM
 InformationSchool is Open!

Please disregard the alert indicating schools are closed. All schools are OPEN today (Jan 16).

1/16/20201/16/2020 12:00 AMChristopher Poon1/16/2020 8:13 AMChristopher Poon1/16/2020 8:36 AM
 InformationWelcome back to our Ellendale Families

Welcome Back to all our Ellendale Families!


We are very excited for the new school year to begin. The first day of school is Tuesday, September 3rd for one hour from 10:00 – 11:00 AM. We ask that students please meet in grade groups in the classrooms as located on the large bulletin

board on wheels outside the main entrance to the school and on the signs posted around the school in the classroom windows. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions or help you find your way. We look forward to seeing you!

Once your children have been dropped off to their classrooms, parents are invited to come to the Library & Learning Commons area for refreshments and snacks while their children are in their classes.

And for our newest Ellendale members, our kindergarten students and their parents, once finished checking in with the Kindergarten teachers, please join us for refreshments and snacks in the library.

Thank you,

Ellendale Elementary 

8/29/20199/4/2019 12:00 AMShannon Marshall8/29/2019 4:54 PMShannon Marshall8/29/2019 4:54 PM
 SnowSnow Day!
Schools are closed to instruction again today, February 12. All staff who regularly service students directly are not required to attend today. Also, all facility rentals are cancelled for today.
2/12/20192/12/2019 12:00 AMprod_spinstall_svc2/12/2019 7:51 AMprod_spinstall_svc2/12/2019 7:51 AM
 SnowSnow Day!

Snow Day!

​All Surrey Schools closed today for teachers and students as the district works to clear snow.

2/11/20192/11/2019 12:00 AMShannon Marshall2/11/2019 6:43 AMChristopher Poon2/11/2019 7:52 AM
 InformationKindergarten Registration

​Kindergarten Registration starting Monday January 14, 2019 Kindergarten Registration Notice 2018 2019.pdf

1/11/20191/11/2019 12:00 AMShannon Marshall1/11/2019 3:09 PMShannon Marshall1/11/2019 3:09 PM
 InformationSports Day 2018

Notice is available for review or printing under the Parents tab

6/7/20186/9/2018 12:00 AMDeena Batista6/7/2018 2:52 PMDeena Batista6/7/2018 2:52 PM
 InformationNon Instructional Day

​Students do not attend school Monday May 28

5/22/20185/29/2018 12:00 AMDeena Batista5/18/2018 12:12 PMDeena Batista5/18/2018 12:12 PM
 InformationVictoria Day - No School

​See you Tuesday - enjoy your long weekend.

5/18/20185/22/2018 12:00 AMDeena Batista5/18/2018 12:11 PMDeena Batista5/18/2018 12:11 PM

​The school will be closed this Friday May 4 for professional development. Students do not attend.

5/3/20185/5/2018 12:00 AMDeena Batista5/3/2018 1:06 PMShannon Marshall5/3/2018 2:52 PM
 InformationClass & Team Photos and School Panorama

​We will be having class photos and the school panorama photo on Tuesday May 1

4/27/20185/2/2018 12:00 AMDeena Batista4/27/2018 9:41 AMDeena Batista4/27/2018 1:52 PM
 InformationFirst Day of Classes After Winter Break - Monday Jan 8

​See you all back at school Monday January 8

12/25/20171/9/2018 12:00 AMDeena Batista12/13/2017 2:58 PMDeena Batista12/13/2017 2:58 PM
 InformationNo Parking on south side of 110A

​Parking Enforcement will be coming and issuing tickets to vehicles parked on the south side of 110A

​Please parents please do not park in the no parking area. The area on the south side of 110A Avenue infront of the houses directly across from the school parking lot.

Today our RCMP Liaison was unable to exit our parking lot and it prevents the school bus from being able to leave to pick up children waiting at other schools.​

Parking enforcement will be attending regularly from now on and will be issuing tickets as this is a safety issue.

10/23/201711/3/2017 12:00 AMDeena Batista10/23/2017 2:58 PMDeena Batista10/23/2017 2:58 PM
 InformationTrack & Field Meet Info - May 30, 2017

Track & Field is a go today.  Dress your child for the weather, rain gear.

5/30/20175/30/2017 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson5/30/2017 6:03 AMDianne Jeffery5/31/2017 10:14 AM
 InformationStudent Learning Survey Link for Parents, Gr. 4 & 7 Students, Staff
5/29/20176/16/2017 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson5/29/2017 3:09 PMBeatrice Sayson5/29/2017 6:23 PM
 InformationSchools Closed Thursday, Feb. 9th.

Schools & facilities closed to staff and students Thurs, Feb. 9 due to unsafe road conditions.

2/9/20172/9/2017 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson2/9/2017 7:47 AMBeatrice Sayson2/9/2017 7:47 AM
 InformationSchools and sites open today as normal.

​Schools open today, Feb. 8.

2/8/20172/8/2017 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson2/8/2017 6:02 AMBeatrice Sayson2/8/2017 6:02 AM
 InformationSchools Closed Feb. 7, 2017

​All Surrey School District schools are close Tuesday, Feb. 7 for students and staff.

2/7/20172/7/2017 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson2/6/2017 8:50 AMBeatrice Sayson2/7/2017 12:19 PM
 InformationDigital Resources - Elementary

​There are a number of digital resources available for elementary students and parents. Click here to access digital resources.

1/9/20176/30/2017 12:00 AMDianne Jeffery1/9/2017 2:47 PMDianne Jeffery1/9/2017 2:50 PM
 InformationSchool Opens Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017
School is open on Jan. 3rd, 2017.  Please dress your child for the cold weather and have them wear boots. Please walk to school.  Thank you!

1/2/20171/8/2017 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson1/2/2017 4:56 PMDianne Jeffery1/5/2017 9:50 AM
 InformationWater Quality in Schools
The water quality has been tested in all Surrey schools build prior to 1990.  
9/1/201612/31/2016 12:00 AMDianne Jeffery9/1/2016 3:08 PMDianne Jeffery1/3/2017 10:03 AM
 InformationJIngle Bell Walk Update - Div. 2-6 will NOT do the walk today

Latest Update: Division 2 to 6 students will NOT being going on the Jingle Bell Walk today due to road conditions. We will get the parent drivers together with Div. 1 students to just pick up all the food donation by car. Thank you for your patient understanding as we navigate through this weather condition.

12/12/201612/13/2016 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson12/12/2016 9:18 AMBeatrice Sayson12/12/2016 9:18 AM
 InformationSchool is Open.  Please try to walk. Lots of snow in parking lot.

​School is open. LOTS OF SNOW.  110A is blocked off.  There are few places to park on the side roads.  Please walk to school.

12/12/201612/13/2016 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson12/12/2016 7:46 AMDianne Jeffery12/12/2016 8:17 AM
 InformationStudent Accident Insurance

Did you know that the Surrey School District does not insure expenses for student injuries that happen on school grounds or during school activities?  You are responsible for these expenses as a parent or guardian.​

9/1/20166/30/2017 12:00 AMDianne Jeffery9/1/2016 3:13 PMDianne Jeffery9/1/2016 3:13 PM
 InformationFirst Day of School - Tues., Sept. 8, 2015 - 10:00-11:00 a.m.
9/4/20159/10/2015 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson9/4/2015 5:07 PMBeatrice Sayson9/4/2015 5:07 PM
 InformationIt's Time to Register for KINDERGARTEN 2015-16

Kindergarten 2015-16 registration begins on Monday, Jan 19th at 9:30 am. For more information check the School Registration section under the Parent tab.  Kindergarten registration FORM​​

5/7/20155/30/2015 12:00 AMDianne Jeffery1/13/2015 11:58 AMRick Fabbro6/2/2015 1:03 PM
 InformationNew K-7 STEAM District Program

​Please see attached brochures for information regarding new district program for K-7.Brochure STEAM K7.pdf


5/22/20155/29/2015 12:00 AMBeatrice Sayson5/22/2015 6:07 PMBeatrice Sayson5/22/2015 6:07 PM
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