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Elgin Park

Be the best you can be



Elgin Park Counselling Department
Student Last NamesCounsellorWays to Contact

 A to GH

 Ms. Kim

Via Teams


 Gi to K


Ms. Hogan

Via Teams


 L to Ro


Ms. Tomnuk  

Via Teams


 Ru to Z


Ms. Gill 

Via Teams


Counsellors will assist you during your years here at Elgin Park, and we welcome the opportunity to get to know you personally. Counsellors provide support services for students and comprehensive planning, post-secondary education, and personal counselling services
Students are assigned to counsellors alphabetically by your last name. Students may make an appointment to see his or her Counsellor in the Counsellor’s office.
Alphabet Division:            A - Gi           Ms. Adele Kim      
(by student’s last name)    GI - La         Ms. Leisa Hogan    
                                  Le-Sa            Ms. Tomnuk           
                                          Sc - Z           Ms. Gill                  

As your Counsellors we want to work with you to make your years here at Elgin Park the best they can be. Through your Counsellor, you may gain information, support and assistance in the following areas:
·         course planning
·         help in solving academic difficulties and problems
·         information about the school and its functioning - orientation.
·         personal and social concerns
·         vocational and career information
·         post-secondary education information
·         scholarship and bursary information
·         discussion of personal problems and assisting students in making their own personal decisions.
·         support in crisis situations and referral to community agencies (mental health, counselling, public health, social services, etc.).
Post Secondary Intitutions (PSI) Link: 
Programs, committees & events that Counselors facilitate:
  •      Articulation of  students from Grade 7 to 8
  •      Course Selection Grade 9 - 12
  •      Scholarship Committee

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