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East Kensington

2795 184th Street Surrey, BC (604) 541-1257 East Kensington Outdoor Learning: EKOLogy



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East Kensington orange shirt day order form 2018 .pdf
September 4  2018 Newsletter.pdf
Kindergarten Gradual Entry Letter  2018-2019.pdf
Kindergarten Gradual Entry Calendar  2018-2019.pdf
Kindergarten Gradual Entry A and B groups 2018-2019.pdf
Gradual Entry EKOLogy Kindergarten 2018.docx
The Ultimate Kinder-ready parent.docx
The Ultimate Kinder-ready kid.docx
Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2018.pdf
Mabels Labels Sale Pricing.pdf
Edu-Pac Order 2018-2019 grades 2-4.pdf
Games Day Teams 2018.pdf
Games Day Brochure 2018.pdf
The Ultimate Kinder-ready kid.pdf
West Coast Early Learning Centre Flyer.pdf
June 6,  2018 Newsletter.pdf
East Kensington School Calendar 2018-2019.pdf
Bell schedule  2018-2019.pdf
PAC Meeting Minutes May 22, 2018.pdf
May 10th  2018 Newsletter.pdf
West Coast Early Learning Centre.pdf
PAC AgendaMinutes April 16th.pdf
April 20 2018 Newsletter.pdf
Agenda ADHD Education Day for Parents May 2018.pdf
FamilySmart-ITK-Poster-SurreyWhiteRockDelta-Mar-28-2018 (002).pdf
Agenda ADHD Education Day for Parents May 2018.docx
March 15 2018 Newsletter.pdf
March 15, 2018 Newsletter.pdf
Supporting Learning At Home - Core Competencies to Talk About.pdf
Supporting Learning At Home.pdf
Community Forum Feb2018.pdf
Keery Park Walking Fieldtrip March 13, 2018.pdf
Mabels Labels Fundraising Flyer.pdf
Porto Fino Express Hot Lunch March 2018.pdf
Redwood Park Permission March 2018.pdf
Newsletter February 15, 2018.pdf
Veseys Bulbs Fundraiser January 2018.pdf
Surrey RCMP News Release Dec 21 2017.docx
Open House Information Meeting notice Jan 9 2018.pdf
Newsletter December 12, 2017.pdf
PAC Student Comfort Kit and Letter for Emergency Preparedness.pdf
Elementary School Parents - South Zone.pdf
PAC Christmas Fair Flyer 2017.pdf
PAC Christmas Fair 2017.pdf
PAC Holiday Family Portrait Fundraiser November 2017.pdf
Purdy's Fundraiser November 2017.pdf
Newsletter October 27 2017.pdf
Newsletter October 19, 2017.pdf
Newsletter October 2017.pdf
How parents can use Fresh Grade to support child 2017.pdf
Parent Fresh Grade letter 2017.pdf
EK 2017 Calendar.pdf
Water Quality - Letter to Parents FINAL[1].pdf
Session info
Time: 9/22/2018 7:16:59 PM
Host: AS79
Ref# 6909f