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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield



The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.

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to facilitate & encourage school spirit & student culture. To create events which promote community within the school. Sponsors: J. PesutTuesdays at 3pmRoom 112
To help organize and plan all the grad events. Sponsor: S. CaninoLunchRoom 315
LEOS are devoted to giving back to their community through service initatives. Students are given the opportunity to become leaders while fostering a commitment to community service. Sponsor: D. Garbe Wednesday at lunchRoom 209
to combine the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. Students will hone teamwork skills, design, build and program a robot to perform tasks in competition. It is a "sport of the mind". Sponsors: J. Occleshawvarious days based on interestsRoom 117 in Tech Wing
to promote awareness and protection through environmental events, fundraisers and other activites Sponsor. J. PesutWednesdays at lunchRoom 112
to raise awareness about liver disease and the ways/practices that prevent/lower the chance of developing these negative health impacts and to fundraise for additional research on liver health. Sponsor: M. FigueiraFridays, after school (every 1-2 weeks)Room 305
the club's aim is to create a safe, welcoming and accepting environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Sponsor: J. LeeThursdays at lunchRoom 318
after a week of school and hard work, reward yourself with a video, card and table top games. Sponsor: J. PesutFridays at lunchRoom 112
this team does the morning announcements. Sponsor: B. KrembeniosAssigned by day: 5 minutes after second block Office
to unite kids interested in theatre, to build their spirit and to practice improv together. Sponsor: C. RadcliffeFridays at lunchTheatre
crafts and art therapy at lunch with a group of creative and craft people. Different activities and projects throughout the year. Sponsor: S. GanshornWednesdays or Thursdays at lunchRoom 105
to provide news and entertainment to the student body by the student body. Aiming to publish every two weeks digitally and paper copies. Sponsor: S. GanshornTuesdays at lunchRoom 105
to bring awareness to Indigenous issues and events. To increase participation and involvement of Indigenous students and their peers in the EMS school community.  Sponsor: D. Bakgaard & Dawne KalenuikTuesdays or Thursdays at lunchRoom 206
to stimulate intellectual activity through the participation of chess. Sponsor: J. LeeWednesdays at lunchRoom 318
students can joint and interact with BASES students. Sponsor: F. EllestadDaily at lunchRoom 114
to give some of our students a place to have lunch and meet others while engaging in various boardgames. Sponsor: M. Prohl & S. DhillonMondays at lunch Room 316
to provide interested students an environment to share creativity and skills for photography. A chance to make new friends and have fun! Sponsor: A. van WeerdenTuesdays at lunchRoom 120
to help motivate and inform students about science-related events such as competitions, challenges and seminars to deepen scientific knowledge and understanding. Sponsor: E. KovitsBi-weekly depending on interestRoom 301
discussing fashion trends, as well as growing skills in sewing, fashion design and jewelry making. Sponsor: C. McKinnonTuesdays at lunchRoom 216
a comfortable place for art and craft enthusiasts to freely express themselves and explore new capabilities in the field of arts. Sponsor: A. McneillTuesdays at lunchRoom 101
to create a positive environment that understands mental and healthy and what it is. Sponsor: S. RodgersThursdays at lunchRoom 311
for grade 11 and 12 students in order to gain a better understanding on post secondary schooling. Websites - how to apply - how to write a good essay. Sponsor: S. CaninoTuesdays at lunchRoom 312
to expand and connect the reading community at EMS. Sponsor: S. GanshornThursdays at lunchRoom 105
to discuss and re-enact Of Mice and Men and other classic literature. Sponsor: A. van WeerdenMondays and Thursdays at lunchRoom 118 - Art Room
to provide students with the opportunity to immerse in French culture and practice their French. Sponsor: S. EthierThursdays at lunchRoom 108
to engage students of the EMS student body in Global citizenship by advocating, volunteering and raising awareness for the world's biggest social challanges. Sponsor: J. PesutMondays at lunchRoom 112
to bring people joy by doing random things such as random plays and random acts of kindness. Sponsor: C. Trevelyan Wednesdays after school 3:00-3:45Room 205
to encourage debate and critical thinking and analysis in a casual setting and format. Also to boost students speaking and persuasive skills and meet new people. All grades and skill levels welcome. Sponsor: J. Hemming Wednesdays after school 3:00-3:45Room 321
to have fun, for people who are interested in math and want to challenge themselves. Sponsor: J. VanstoneMondays after schoolRoom 202
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Host: AS80
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