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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield



The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.

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Debating, negotiating and learning about different perspectives regarding current geo-political issues. Sponsor: E. EwachaMondays and Thursdays after schoolRoom 103
Youth organization associated with the Lions Int'l. The purpose is to volunteer and do charity work within the community. Sponsor. D. GarbeWednesdays at lunchRoom 209
To promote literacy in developing countries by donating books and money collected through fundraisers and bookdrives. Sponsor: B. SchellenbergThursdays at lunchesRoom 301
to engage the school community by providing events for students Sponsors: S. Amyotte & E. EwachaTuesdays at lunchRoom 109
to compete in Vex robotics competitions Sponsor: R. SchmidtMondays and Wednesdays at lunchLibrary
for Grade 8 & 9 -to challenge students and compete with other schools. Sponsors: T. Liang and M. LoWednesdays 2:45-3:30Room 210
To help organize and plan all the grad events. Sponsor: S. CaninoLunchRoom 315
Helping to educate regarding orientation, both in terms of sexuality and gender. Promote inclusion and anti-bullying at all LGBTQIA in the school community Sponsor: D. LinWednesdays Drafting room - Jr lunch Glass Art Room (218) Sr. Lunch
to construct robots to complete common tasks and eventually compete against other schools Sponsor: R. SchmidtLunchLibrary
To inspire students to use their knowledge in the scientific fields to discover and create scientific technology. Sponsor: E. KovitsMonday and Wednesdays Room 302
to learn and understand Japanese culture through making simple Japanese food, watching Japanese movies and writing to pen-pals in Japan. Sponsor: J. FergusonThursdays at lunchRoom 214 or 204
to promote community service Sponsors: M. MusherureThursdays at lunchRoom 316
to inform students about upcoming events and show off students writing abilities Sponsor: S. GanshornMondays at lunchRoom 105
to learn sign language so they have another way to communicate to each other and people that only use sign language Sponsor: S. GanshornThursdays at lunchRoom 105
feeling good! crafts, goal-shaping, laughter, confidence building and maybe yoga Sponsor: S. GanshornWednesdays at lunchRoom 105
to spread awareness on environmental issues and begin new initiatives in the school and in the community Sponsor: J. PesutMondays at lunchRoom 112
to spread more school spirit and pump up our school teams by showing support Sponsor: M. MacKay-DunnMondays and Wednesdays after schoolNew gym
explore coding and web development and prepare for Skills Canada Sponsor: S. DawsonWednesdays at lunchRoom 308
introduce students to idea that movies were made prior to 2014. Focus on 1940's-1970's Sponsor: C. TrevelynTBA - maybe 1 or 2 films per monthRoom 102
to give people the opportunity to discuss important issues around the world without feeling ridiculed. Inspired by HEROES club, we wanted to create a club that expands beyond LGBTQ and issues (ie sexism and racism) Sponsor: J. PesutThursdays at lunchRoom 112
to discuss current events, news, and politics. A challenging but judgement free environment Sponsor: C. TrevelyanLunch of after school once or twice a weekRoom 102
to enhance the leadership skills of our students and learn more about the local Aboriginal culture through volunteer opportunities Sponsor: D. Kalenuik & M. MacKay-DunnWednesdays at lunchPortable 4
spreading love and care to the community. Promoting the concepts of multiculturalism to society Sponsor: B. SchellenbergTuesdays at lunchRoom 301
to help students deal with stress and anxiety by building knowledge and practicing skills to bring awareness into the present Sponsor: M. ForeroMondays at lunchPortable 2 or outside - weather permitting
to encourage critical thinking and the sharing of opinions through reading Sponsor: J. PesutWednesdays at lunchRoom 112
to participate in lawn bowling Sponsor: C. TrevelyanTBA
building relationships through play Sponsor: J. KoehlerWednesdays at lunchRoom 309
to discuss the value of free-markets, challenge economic conventions, discuss and practice business Sponsor: C. Trevelyan1 - 2 times per monthRoom 102
to discuss and debate the recent events and statistics in the NHL Sponsor: S. RodgersTuesdays at lunchRoom 212
to give students the opportunity to have fun between classes and to come together in  cooperation playing their favourite video games Sponsor: S. DawsonTuesdays at lunchRoom 308
an opportunity to learn about a differerent music culture Sponsor: R. TambolineFridays at lunchRoom 218
for students in grade 8 who were not able to have a food course Sponsor: B. KrembeniosWednesdays at lunchRoom 214
to education and inform students on busness and how a company functions: Sponsor: P. GillFridays at lunchRoom 210
to encourage scientific literacy and to inspire students to learn and explore science outside of the classroom Sponsor: E. KovitsFridays at lunchRoom 302
to connect youth around the world to engage in dialogue and discussion aout prominent issues facing societies across the globe Sponsor: S. RodgersTuesdays at lunchRoom 311
to bring attention to the wonder world of behind-the-scenes theatre. To have students give others the opportunity to learn and be involved with theatre tech. Sponsor: C. RadcliffeThursdays at lunchTheatre
alpha is a video series that helps teens ask imortant questions and discuss them with their peers Sponsors: L. WeissWednesdays at lunchRoom 218
to promote ping pong Sponsor: A. DodgeTuesdays at lunch & Thursdays after schoolNew gym & Room 321
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Time: 8/14/2018 3:56:50 AM
Host: AS77
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