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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield



The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.

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Learn debate and negotiate in accordance with the rules of the United Nations. Sponsor: E. EwachaWednesdays at TBARoom 103
to facilitate & encourage school spirit & student culture. To create events which promote community withint the school. Sponsors: S. Amyotte & E. EwachaMondays and Tuesdays at lunchRoom 109
for Grade 8 - 10 -to work on challenging and fun math problems.  Sponsors: T. Liang and M. LoWednesdays 2:50 - 3:40Room 210
To help organize and plan all the grad events. Sponsor: S. CaninoLunchRoom 315
Helping to educate regarding orientation, both in terms of sexuality and gender. Promote inclusion and anti-bullying at all LGBTQIA in the school community Sponsor: D. LinThursdays at lunchRoom 205
To bring students together with experience the outdoors in a safe and inclusive way through a variety of activities. Sponsors: K. Knapp & D. GaumontLunch Portable 7
to read the announcements and engage in the student community Sponsor. E. EwachaEverydayRoom 103 / Office
to have fun and learn the rules of badminton and possible form a team. Sponsor: M. LoTBAGym
to make a difference in our community and the world around us by hosting various charity events. Sponsor. S. CampbellThursdays at lunchRoom 211
to further understand physics and engineering concepts while participating in competitions and workong on passion projects within the field of physics and engineering. Sponsor E. KovitsFridays at lunchRoom 302
school newspaper. Sponsor: S. GanshornGoogle Hangouts (online)Ongoing
a place for people who like the card game to come and play with friends and teach others who are interested. Sponsor: S. GanshornEveryday at lunchRoom 301
expressing ourselves through art (stress reduction and art therapy)Fridays at lunchRoom 105
to encourage students to talk about their lives and create a positive environment for socialization. Sponsor: J. PesutFridays at lunchRoom 112
to design and build robots and compete in the Vex Robotics competition events. Sponsor: R. SchmidtMondays at lunchLibrary
to allow the chance for students to play cards and learn new games. Sponsor: R. OuelletteDaily at lunchRoom 111
to help nurture good public-speaking techniques and oration for students going into business, politics, social sciences and anyone who just wants to develop their speech skills. Sponsor: S. GanshornWednesday at lunchRoom 105
to immerse yourself in French culture and appreciate the language outside of class. Sponsor: S. EthierThursdayRoom 108
to support other events in the school with art expertise and make art. Sponsor: K. ManningTuesdays at lunchRoom 118
to introduce and spread the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. To provide opportunities for students to engage with the sport of Ultimate. Sponsor: K. KnappFridays at lunchUpper Field
to provide volunteer opportunities, gain leadership qualities, support our community and enjoy the experience of helping others. Sponsor: D. GarbeWednesday at lunchRoom 209
to introduce students to a useful, relaxing activity and life-long skill; to provide help to students who would like to improve skills; to provide a place forstudents to meet peers, socialize, and eat their lunch. Sponsor: M. RehnbyTuesdays or Wednesday at lunchRoom 306
open to all students have an interest in ping-pong. Sponsor: E. KovitsWednesdays after schoolBox Gym
helps students deal with stress and anxiety by building knowledge and practicing skills to bring awareness into the present. Sponsor: M. ForeroTuesday at lunchRoom 212
a hip-hop/breakdance team that will train and practice to represent EMS at Surrey District 36 dance competitions. Sponsor: A. RobertsWednesday and Fridays before schoolBox Gym
to get students involved in a fun fitness routine while learning about policing in a supportive community.  Sponsor: R. GregersonTBABox Gym
the aim is to encourage an interest in theatre and build confidence in performance. Sponsor: C. RadcliffeFridays at lunchTheatre
to play dungeons and dragons. Sponsor: J. KoehlerTuesday and Thursdays at lunchRoom 309
to allow students grade 8-12 to have a safe space to talk about and discuss social issues within the community, country and globally. Sponosr: R. SahotaMondays at lunchRoom 310
to discuss conspiracy theories, to state reality from others fantasies and to learn about world history while creating theories of our own. Sponsor: B. SchellenbergThursdays at lunchRoom 301
our goal is to encourage the grown of young leaders in our community. It is a service club for the community, helping develop leadership skills and learning about the world. Sponsor: N. Rebseljevery second Friday at lunchRoom 114
to provide opportunities to students to discuss, collaborate, and become involved with environmental stewardship. Sponsor: J. PesutWednesday at lunchRoom 112
students to meet and discuss their favourite books, discover new books and meet new people. Sponsor: J. PesutTuesdays at lunchRoom 112
exploring our knowledge in the field of aeronautics and space. To socialize about flight and make things. Sponsor: P. GillTuesdays or Thursday at lunchRoom 220
to enhance the leadership skills of our students and learn more about the local Aboriginal culture through volunteer opportunities. Sponsor: D. Kalenuik & M. MacKay-DunnWednesday at lunchPortable 4 / Gathering space
to train and educate younger drummers in the band program and improve their abilities to achieve excellent. Sponsor: R. RutleyMondays after schoolBandroom
learn about making movies. Sponsor: A. VanweerdenMondays at lunchRoom 120
a conversation group for people that have questions about Christianity. Sponsor: S. Van HulsentopTuesdays at lunchPortable 6
to be abel to discuss political events and current issues. Sponsor: S. Van HulsentopWednesdays at lunchPortable 6
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Host: AS76
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