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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield



The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.

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To make our school more environmentally friendly. Sponsor: K. ManningThursdays at Senior lunch with Mr. Lewis and Junior Lunch with Ms. ManningRoom 314 (Lewis) & 118 (Manning)
To make a positive impact on local and global communities through action and fundraising. Sponsor: S. Campbell, S. Amyotte, D. BakgaardWednesdays at Senior lunchRoom 211
Debating, negotiating and learning about different perspectives regarding current geo-political issues. Sponsor: E. EwachaMondays after school 2:08 - 3:30Room 103
To host events on behalf of students in order to build a sense of community and belonging at the school Sponsor: S. AmyotteTuesdays at Junior lunch Room 109
to create an experience similar to RCMP through leadership/friendships. Sponsor: R. Gregerson  Gregerson_r@surreyschools.caThursdays 4-5pmBox gym
to give students the opportunity to help and contribute to not only their society, but to others around the world Sponsors: M. Coulas & S. AmyotteWednesdays at Jr. lunchRoom 312 (Sem1) and room 109 (Sem 2)
Youth organization associated with the Lions Int'l. The purpose is to volunteer and do charity work within the community. Sponsor. D. GarbeWednesdays at Sr. lunchRoom 209
Student-led non-profit organization incorporated under the Society Act, dedicated to providing those in need of resources with books recycled from our local communities, building libraries for those in need. Sponsor: B. SchellenburgThursdays at both lunchesRoom 301
To host events on behalf of students in order to build a sense of community and belonging at the school.  Sponsor: S. Amyotte/E. EwachaTuesdays at Sr. lunchRoom 109
Learn how to build and reprogramme robots. Sponsor: R. SchmidtTuesday and Thursday at lunchLibrary
to provide opportunities for students wishing further challenge in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects outside of school class Sponsor: E. KovitsMondays @ Sr. lunchRoom 307
To challenge students and compete with other schools. Sponsors: T. Liang and M. Lo2:10-3:00Room 210
To help organize and plan all the grad events. Sponsor: S. CouncilSenior lunchRoom 315
Helping to educate regarding orientation, both in terms of sexuality and gender. Promote inclusion and anti-bullying at all LGBTQIA in the school community Sponsor: D. LinWednesdays Drafting room - Jr lunch Glass Art Room (218) Sr. Lunch
to construct robots to complete common tasks and eventually compete against other schools Sponsor: R. SchmidtSr. Lunch - DailyLibrary
To inspire students to use their knowledge in the scientific fields to discover and create scientific technology. Sponsor: E. KovitsMonday and Wednesdays Room 302
to provide various business skills and economy knowledge for all students in the club. Sponsor: C. TrevelyanThursdays at Senior LunchRoom 102
to learn and understand Japanese culture through making simple Japanese food, watching Japanese movies and writing to pen-pals in Japan. Sponsor: J. FergusonThursdays at Senior LunchRoom 204
to enlighten students on various topics of business. To also potentially create teams to compete in business case competitions. Sponsor: S. CampbellFridays at Sr. lunchRoom 211
to discuss and exchange opinions about why we are vegan/vegetarian. Sponsor: D. Bakgaard & J. JenkinsMondays at Junior lunchCareer Centre - Room 209
to work on tech-related projects such as programming, web design, animations Sponsor: S. DawsonWednesdays Room 308
to provide opportunity for students to stay active and have us of our weight room facility Sponsor: V. HodgesTuesdays & Thursdays 3:45 - 4:45Weight Room
learn more about Japanese anime and culture with friends Sponsor: M. CoulasWednesdays at Junior lunchRoom 312
provide students the opportunity to take part and learn how to play table tennis Sponsor: C. NwandaWednesdays 3:30-4:30
to share a part of the Japanese culture and meet people with similar interests Sponsor: J. FergusonFridays at Senior lunchRoom 214 / 204
To encourage and promote the French culture at EMS Sponsor: S. EthierThursdays at Sr. lunchRoom 108
To create a space where theatre fanatics can feel free to be themselves. Sponsor: C. RadcliffeMondays at Senior lunchTheatre
to engage students to become kinder and do random acts of kindness for staff and students. Sponsor: D. McBrideFridays at Senior LunchRoom 201
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Time: 8/20/2017 10:33:15 AM
Host: AS78
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