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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield

Physical Education
Physical Education



​​The aim of Physical Education is to enable all students to develop knowledge, movement skills, and positive attitudes and behaviors that contribute to a healthy active lifestyle.


Dgrgic_d@surreyschools.caPE 8-10
Bjohnson_bryn@surreyschools.caDept. Head, Sr.PE
Jletendre_j@surreyschools.caPE 8-10
Aroberts_a@surreyschools.caPE 8-10,PE Rugby
Lwilkie_l@surreyschools.caPHE 8-10
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 Hockey Academy
EMS Medical Form (PE).pdf
EMS Course Outline 11,12 (PE).pdf
EMS Permission Form 11,12 (PE).pdf
EMS Course Outline 8,9,10 Web.pdf
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Time: 11/28/2020 3:36:22 PM
Host: AS78
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