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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield

Performing Arts
Performing Arts


The Performing Arts Department of Earl Marriott Secondary is a dynamic and welcoming place for students to explore and develop the skills needed to be a performer and to understand the value of the Performing Arts in our world. Our Department offers a wide range of classes for students to explore: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Studies, Combos, Vocal Jazz, Drama, Acting, Musical Theatre, Film Studies and Technical Theatre are just a few of the available courses of study. Our programs strive to teach excellence in skills and performance quality, and also to emphasize enjoyment of and respect for the rehearsal process. We believe in the great importance of effective and creative collaboration that is such a critical life skill and such an inherent part of working in Performing Arts.


Our Theatre class work is largely based on original, creative drama. This is true from grade 8-12. We are training students to be creative and critical thinkers, collaborators, actors, writers, directors, musical performers, technicians, problem solvers, listeners, observers and empathetic citizens.

Working in Drama is transformative. It creates a well of self-confidence, creativity, empathy and spontaneity within an individual that they can draw on in order to be able to communicate better, and deal with challenging situations more imaginatively and effectively. Drama can change a group of people into an ensemble: a cohesive, trusting, supportive collection of partners. Dramatic performance and the development of acting skills provides us with the ability to express ourselves in dynamic ways and to better understand humanity. One of the most valuable life experiences a person can have is to learn and practice Drama.


In 2021 our Theatre Department will celebrate 45 years of Theatre and Production at Earl Marriott Secondary. Since 1976 our Theatre Company has staged a major production every year, including a musical every other year. We are extremely proud of our legacy and the terrific opportunities to learn and perform that our production experiences provide for students of all ages.

Each year we stage our major production in the spring. Our One Act Play Festival is presented in December. This Festival is comprised of several short plays directed by Grade 12 Theatre students. All students are welcome to audition for our Theatre Company shows in September and to volunteer to help out behind the scenes in a myriad of ways.

Keep your eyes open for audition announcements and email Ms. Candace Radcliffe if you have any questions.


The Earl Marriott Music Department believes that music is an essential priceless and irreplaceable component of human life: that music occupies and will continue to occupy a singular position in our culture, that music speaks to the human spirit, intellect, and emotion in a direct and special way, and that without music our very essence would be incomplete.

The Earl Marriott Music Dept. seeks to develop in each student, the skills and attitudes that will assist them in acquiring skills that are technical, artistic and social that in turn will facilitate their participation in the World of Music throughout their entire lives. Students are offered the opportunity to prepare themselves to be both competent and reliable members within a variety of exciting performance groups. Membership in these groups calls for strong character as well as strong musicianship. For more information on our program and how you can get involved, check out our website: and our instagram @marriottmusic

Kristinafraser_k@surreyschools.caDiscovery 8 Drama Teacher
Crystalhermann_c@surreyschools.caBand/English teacher
Jameslee_james@surreyschools.caGuitar Teacher
Candaceradcliffe_c@surreyschools.caPerforming Arts Department Head, Director of Theatre
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