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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield




The Counselling Department endeavors to assist students to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to:

  • know and appreciate themselves
  • relate effectively to others

Counsellors provide information and social/emotional support for students and parents through:

  • Student meetings, parent meetings, telephone conversations and email correspondence
  • School informational meetings
  • Course Selection
  • Graduation Requirements and Course credits (i.e. external credits, language challenges, etc.)
  • Post Secondary Planning
  • Members of School-Based Team
  • Assist Gr.7 students and families with transition into high school​​

Please visit our Online Scheduler if you would like to make an advanced appointment to see your Alpha Counsellor.

(User ID: EMS Student Number, Password: Birthdate, YYYYMMDD)



Jamespawelchak_j@surreyschools.caCounsellorStudents with surnames Mi-Sco
Lisaperizzolo_l@surreyschools.caCounsellorStudents with the surnames D-Hun
Karenreilly-clark_k@surreyschools.caCounsellorStudents surnames A - C
Sharonsall_s@surreyschools.caCounsellorStudents with surnames Hur-Me
Ninasidhu_n@surreyschools.caCounsellorStudents with surnames Se-Z
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