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Welcome to our Course Planning Site!

January 10, 2020 Update: 
This page was updated for the January 10, 2020 start of Course Request Season at EMS. The Course Catalogue and Course Planning Guide are  complete for 2020 2021. Please review these important documents and our Course Planning Timeline by following the links on this page. 

Important Dates: 
We will be holding a Grade 7 Parent Night on Tuesday January 14 at 6:00 PM. Information on this important evening has been distributed through our incatchment feeder schools. 
We will be holding a Parent Information Evening on Feb 3rd for Grade 8-11 Parents starting at 7:00 PM. 
The process for requesting courses online will begin with student assemblies on Feb 4th.  
The Course Request Portal in MyEd BC will be open Feb 5th to Feb 21st. See the Course Planning Timeline for more details. 
Grade 8 students will be requesting their courses online in our computer labs on Feb 6,7 and 10, 11. 
Grade 9 to 11 students will submit their course requests at home between Feb 5 and Feb 21. A computer lab will also be avialable at lunch on these days at school.  All students must complete this important process. Accurate data from our students will help us build the best possible timetable to meet student requests in the 2020 2021 school year. 
Parents: We encourage you to discuss and review your child's course requests for the 2020 2021 school year. Please open and review the Course Catalogue and Course Planning Guide linked to this page before February 5th. Use the resources avaialble on this page to map out a plan for the coming school year. When students are ready to make their selections, they can log into the course request system in MyEd BC by clicking the START HERE button starting Feb 5. See the "Instructions" link and video for more details on how to complete course requests. 

Course Planning Timeline (2020 2021) NEW
Updated January 10th, 2020. The timeline of events from our first assembly to our process for verifying schedules ​ 

  Course Catalog (2020 2021)
Download the PDF version of the Course Catalog. Have it available as you select your course requests for 2020 2021.

Course Planning Guide ​(2020 2021)
Download the PDF version of the Course Planning Guide.  Review this document before you start your course request session. Refer back to it to make sure your course requests are correct and meet graduation requirements. 

EMS logo small.jpg
MyED BC is the Information managment system used by the Province of British Columbia to manage student information. Many of you are familiar with the Family Portal which enables you to view report cards and track student attendance. Course requests for the 2020 2021 school year are all entered online in MyED BC system by students. If you have logged in before and remember how to complete your course requests go directly to the START HERE button above. Don't forget the MyED BC log in page contains a forget your password feature that is linked to the email you entered into the system last year. If you need to review the process please take the time to review the video below or downlaod and review the links below.
Student I forgot my Password 
EMS Instructions for On-Line Course Selection
Please contact our office if you need futher assisstance.


Course Planning Worksheets​ (Updated January 24th)

Paper copies of these planning sheets with log-in information will be provided to students in Block C Feb 5th 
Grade 08-into-09 (English Program)​
Grade 08-into-09 FRIM (French Immersion)​
Grade 09-into-10 (English Program)​
Grade 09-into-10 FRIM (French Immersion)​
Grade 10-into-11 (English Program)​
Grade 10-into-11 FRIM (French Immersion)​
Grade 11-into-12 (English Program)​ Grade 11-into-12 FRIM (French Immersion)​

Assembly/Parent Night Presentations 

Our Parent Night presentations​ (Updated February 3rd)
Grade 9-12 Parent Night Power Point 2020 Grade 9-12 Parent Night Power Point
Our Student Assemblies​ (Updated February 4th)
Assembly-Course Planning-08-into-09 2020 Assembly-Course Planning-08-into-09
Assembly-Course Planning-09-into-10 2020 Assembly-Course Planning-09-into-10
Assembly-Course Planning - 10 into 11 2020 Assembly-Course Planning - 10 into 11
Assembly-Course Planning-11-into-12 2020 Assembly-Course Planning-11-into-12

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