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Don Christian

Determined to Succeed



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DC News 2 Sept 11.pdf
Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2018.pdf
DC News 11 June 26.pdf
Don Christian UPDATED 201819 Calendar.pdf
Don Christian Calendar 18-19.pdf
DC News 10 June 1.pdf
DC News 9 May 2.pdf
May 2, 2018 newsletter.pdf
Garden Picture
DC News 8  April 3 .pdf
DC News 7 Feb.pdf
Feb. 27 newsletter.pdf
DC Newsletter 6 Jan.pdf
DC Newsletter 5 Dec. 21.pdf
DC News 4 Nov 29.pdf
PAC Newsletter 2 Nov 2017.pdf
DC News 3 Oct 25.pdf
DC News 2 Sept 27.pdf
1. Student Accident Info Sheet.pdf
PAC Newsletter 1 Sept 2017.pdf
Sept 12 notice.pdf
Sept .pdf
Message from Surrey School District.pdf
Cloverdale-Clayton Catchment Boundaries 2018.2019.pdf
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Time: 9/21/2018 6:27:12 PM
Host: AS77
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