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École Crescent Park

Promoting positive, supportive relationships between students, parents and staff

Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC)
Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC)

Welcome to our Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC)!

The Multi-Age Cluster Class provides academic challenge and sosial-emotional support to students who are highly gifted in grades 5-7.  Students participate in an interdisciplinary program designed to challenge and develop the depth and breadth of their critical and creative thinking abilities.  Reflection on individual learning styles, the nature of excellence and group dynamics are integral curriculum elements.  Defining personal interests, individual goals and demonstrating a personal work ethic are important aspects of the classroom experience.  Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed to meet each students individual academic and life skills goals.

Referral Process

Entry into the MACC classroom is based upon a catchment school referral with supporting documentation in conjunction and consultation with parents/guardians.  Further assessments are conducted by District psycologists and the District Gifted Helping Teacher.  A District review committee reviews all referrals in the spring for September placements.

At Crescent Park Elementary, we have proudly supported the MACC program for 10 years.

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Time: 3/5/2021 9:58:40 PM
Host: AS79
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