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Provide a safe environment for children to cultivate life-long learning.

About Our School
About Our School




  • To improve student social responsibility through the development of respectful behavior
  • To improve students' numeracy skills
  • To recognize and honour our diverse community
  • To establish a community-oriented school where students, parents and other members of the surrounding community feel welcome
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment in which all students can learn

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • K to 7 music program includes a choir, the teaching of recorders and a band
  • Incorporation of iPads into Early Literacy learning
  • Establishment of a computer lab with Internet
  • Integration of special needs students
  • Establishment of grade 6/7 student leadership teams

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Time: 10/30/2020 9:51:10 AM
Host: AS78
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