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Cougar Creek

Together...we care, we challenge and we celebrate

Class Assignments
Class Assignments

Staff List may change during the first week of school.
​1​7​Ms. Horne
​2​7​Ms. Flint
​3​6/7​Ms. Allingham
​4​6​Ms. Pugsley
​5​5/6​Mrs. Johnson
​6​5​Mr. Quinn
​7​4/5​Mrs. Hocking
​8​3/4​Mrs. Rogers​Mrs. Johnson
​9​3​Ms. Russell
​10​3​Mrs. Nakagawa​Mrs. Innes
​11​2​Mrs. Edwards
​12​2​Mrs. Hume
​13​1​Mrs. McLeod​Mrs. Wacker
​14​1​Mrs. Power​Mrs. Richardson
​15​k​Mrs. Begley
​16​k​Mrs. Olson
Session info
Time: 10/22/2020 4:25:57 PM
Host: AS80
Ref# 2d267