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Expired: Friday, 20 November 2020

Recently there has been an increased number of cars parked in the fire lane along the side of the school and the bus lane at the front of the school in the lower front parking lot during pick up and drop off times.  These are NO PARKING AREAS.  Please see the attached notice for reminders regarding our pick up and drop off zones.  If you have another family member or daycare picking up and dropping off, please be sure they are aware of our parking policy.



We want to continue to ensure the safety of every child at Coast Meridian. We appreciate your continuing cooperation in the following areas:

• Develop the habit of walking to school.
• The lower parking lot is for School District trucks, school busses and staff vehicles only. It is not to be accessed by parents before school for drop-off or after school for pick-up of students as this creates congestion and very unsafe areas for our students.
• The upper parking lot is for student drop off and pick up.
• There is a 15 minute drop off/pick up zone on 168A Street in front of the school.
• Please be respectful of our neighbours as you park in the community. Do not block driveways, including the school driveway, even 1 minute is too long to block others from entering or leaving their homes.
• Refrain from walking down the grass hill and through the parking lot, as this practice is dangerous. Please use the sidewalk near the crosswalk and upper parking lot.
• Despite repeated cautions, every day we see parents and students walking across 168A Street unsafely and illegally with their children. The marked crosswalk on the north end of our school is the only safe way to cross 168A Street.
• Students must walk their bikes, scooters and skateboards as they cross the street and on the school grounds.
• Do not make stops or U-turns in front of our school on as this creates very dangerous situations for pedestrians and vehicles alike.
• Kindly notify all adults who drop your children off or pick them up in of the above expectations.

Together, we can work to ensure the safest possible environment for our children.

Thank you,
Mrs. A. Flanagan

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Time: 11/28/2020 12:17:13 AM
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