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Cloverdale Traditional

A community of caring, respectful and responsible learners

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

Guiding Principles
Students will;
ü  respect the cultural and linguistic heritage of one another, 
ü  help create a caring and respectful classroom and school community,
ü  engage in a variety of pro-active problem solving strategies,
ü  be provided with a wide range of opportunities throughout the school year to develop their leadership potential.
School Code of Conduct 
At Cloverdale Traditional School, we believe that all children have the right to learn in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.  Our expectations are that students will maintain an attitude that is kind, caring and respectful.
Respect Yourself – care about learning and yourself.
Some examples include:
• always do your best
• make good choices
• be on time and ready to work
• do your homework and use your planner
Respect Others – consider other people's feelings and property.
Some examples include:
• be polite and kind
• treat others with respect
• use good listening skills
• be honest and tell the truth
Respect our School, our Community and our Planet – demonstrate care for people and things.
Some examples include:
• clean up after yourself
• take good care of all areas of our school and community
• make choices to keep our planet healthy
Be Safe – learn and follow school rules.
Some examples include:
• walk calmly in school hallways
• stay in designated areas outside
• report dangerous situations to staff
Our Code of Conduct is designed to provide guidelines for appropriate student behaviour while under jurisdiction of the school or at school-sponsored functions.
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