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Maps & Directions
Maps & Directions

CTS: Parking and Student Safety
    Student Safety
    As a choice school, many CTS students are driven to school and dropped off in one of our three main drop-off areas. With over 300 students, this can mean a large volume of traffic. Our students' safety is a priority. Please read and follow these simple guidelines for safely dropping off your child at school!

    Always be on the alert for children in ALL traffic zones! Small children may dart from between vehicles surprising drivers! Parents are responsible for supervision of their children at all times in parking lots.

    Drop Off Areas
      Red text areas indicate appropriate Student Drop Off zones. This includes the turn around area in front of the school and in the Parent Parking Lot.DO NOT PARK in these areas so that traffic may flow smoothly.  


      Parent Parking Areas
      Yellow text areas indicate appropriate Parent Parking Areas. Please use the larger Parent Parking Lot (with the drop off zone) if at all possible. Extra parent parking spaces are available in the 56 Ave parking lot on the west end facing the highway. However Elizabeth's Chalet restaurant rents this parking area from the school district. Thus, it should only be used as a last resort. Children MUST be escorted by parents in this area!

      Staff Parking Areas
      The Blue text box indicates the Staff Parking Area. DO NOT park in Staff parking spaces; some staff members start at different times and have found it difficult to find a parking place.