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City Central Learning Centre

About the School
About the School


School Goal

    To maintain and create programs and practices that engage and promotes students emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth.
    The City Central Learning Centre is commited to:
    •Assisting students to re-enter school at a grade 10, 11, or 12 level in order to continue their education.
    •Assisting students towards the achievement of their grade 12 graduation from the City Central Learning Centre.
    •Providing career assistance in order to prepare students for further vocational training in post-secondary institutions as well as the world of work. 
    Guiding Principles:
    We believe in fostering dignity and respect for each member of our community.
    •We believe that the relationship between staff and students are unique, valued and the centre of all that we do and are key to the success of our school.
    •We believe that all students can learn, that learning is unique to each individual and that students can meet high expectations.
    •We believe that for students to be successful the school must be a safe and secure place where all students feel a sense of belonging and pride.
    •We believe that all students are capable of making decisions, and will be accountable for those decisions.

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Time: 7/19/2018 12:19:10 PM
Host: AS79
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