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School Registration
School Registration


AUGUST 31, 2020 - New Registration Process:

Please go to ​the following Registration Web page to complete the new online student registration form.

New Student Registration WebPage

In addition to completing the above registration process, please complete the following consent forms and email them to

Registration Consents Chimney Hill 2020-2021.pdf

Gr K-3 Students - Parent Consent for Two-Way Video Conferencing 20-21 between School Staff and Primary Students.pdf
Gr 4-7 Students - Parent Consent for Two-Way Video Conferencing 20-21 between School Staff and Student.pdf

Documents Required

Once your form is processed the school will contact you regarding required documentation.  The following documents are required:

  1. Proof of birth date for the student (birth certificate or passport).

  2. Proof of guardianship (as shown on child's birth certificate, or other appropriate legal documentation such as landed immigrant document or guardianship order).

  3. Proof of citizenship for both the parent and student (Canadian Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card, Passport, Landed Immigrant Document, Permanent Resident Card, Enhanced Driver's License or Enhanced Identification Card).

  4. Proof of residence (e.g., ordinarily resident) of parent/guardian in BC:

  5. Three pieces of identification showing the address of residence (purchase or rental agreement, utility bill, driver's license, etc.)

  6. One of the three pieces above must be government issued in order to complete the registration process (BC driver's license, BC Services Card, BCID or BC Care Card of parent/legal guardian).

  7. Documents which are helpful, but not required:

  8. Health documents (care card, immunization records, medical condition information);

  9. Educational background (report cards).


Children who turn five-years-old before Jan. 1, 2021 are eligible to begin school in September 2020.

The same documents listed above for new students must also be provided to register a student for kindergarten. As noted above, to help support social distancing in our schools, we are now offering a new online registration system for parents. Registration at your school of choice is based on availability.

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