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Chimney Hill

working together to encourage learning, respect for others, and personal growth

About Our School
About Our School






About our school:

  • Chimney Hill Elementary, located in east Newton, is a large, culturally diverse K-7 school.  Since opening in September 2001, Chimney Hill has grown from 270 to 700 students.

  • The culture of Chimney Hill is collaborative and teachers are motivated.  The staff includes many experienced teachers and several enthusiastic, beginning teachers.

  • Parents are highly involved in school life.  Since the school opened in 2001, parents have paid for 3 phases of an adventure playground.  They have also helped purchase a portable computer lab, helped acquire document cameras, ipads and many books for the library, as well as numerous resources.  They are an integral part of our learning community.

  • Chimney Hill is an exciting and vibrant school community offering a wide range of opportunities for students.  There are several highly trained Fine Art teachers on staff, and as a result the school offers an excellent Fine Arts program including choral and instrumental groups, dance and visual arts.  Our school offers a wide variety of athletic programs including both intramural and extramural programs.  Student leadership is formally encouraged through leadership teams and Student Council. 



  • To continue to incorporate the use of digital tools in the classroom to increase student engagement and to leverage learning in all areas of the curriculum.


  • To improve our students' abilities to think creatively and critically, using problem-solving skills in numeracy.

  • To improve our student's abilities to think creatively and critically, using problem solving and skills in social responsibility.

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • Primary early intervention to develop literacy skills for all children.
    Integration of technology into classrooms with three wireless iBook computer carts.

  • Participation in the District Choral Festival, the Instrumental Festival and the Dance Festival.

  • Promotion of leadership through Student Council, Intramurals and Rick Hansen Awards.

  • Well represented in extracurricular athletic programs including cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, running club, track and field.

  • Intramural Athletics and Running Club

  • Hands-on, resource-based mathematics, providing a concrete base for an improved understanding of mathematical concepts.

  • Active and supportive Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

  • Encourage reading through an Author Day, Intermediate Book Swap and Adventures into Reading.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Program

  • Last year we produced a school musical, 'Sound of Music', and presented two afternoon and two evenings performances.

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