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Boundary Park


About Our School
About Our School




  • We are committed to: providing students with life skills: problem solving, open communication, decision making, critical thinking as well as technology and physical skills; encouraging excellence in teaching, learning and support services; promoting collaboration amongst teachers, students and parents to become partners in education; developing todlerance and mutual respect for our similarities and our differences; fostering a sense of belonging to both school and community; accepting responsibility for self-discipline; promoting and encouraging an awareness of environmental responsibilities by modelling desired behaviours; believing that all children can learn and that learning is valuable and enjoyable experience.

  • To focus on the use of computers in curricula areas.

  • To recognize student success in academic, fine arts, sports and citizenship achievements.

  • To celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of our school community.

  • For all stakeholders to assume pride, confidence and responsibility for our school culture and achievements.

  • To promote leadership in students, staff and parents.

  • To develop goal setting and student self-evaluation using daily planners.

  • To improve writing, social responsibility, math and science.

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • Our Parent Advisory Council is actively involved in the school's direction.

  • The school has a positive school culture which focuses on student involvement and opportunities.

  • The school provides many student leadership opportunities, including Student Council, conflict resolution and peer mediation.

  • The school has a hands-on, discovery-based science program.

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