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School Supply Lists
School Supply Lists


School supply lists are created each year by teachers for each grade. Below are the current year BASIC supply lists for each grade.

For the 2020 - 2021 school year, Kindergarten teachers (French and English) will be purchasing supplies for their students.  Therefore, there are no supplies lists available for Kindergarten.  The cost to parents for these supplies will be announced in the new school year.


Creative Packs

Ordering Creative Packs school supplies packs is a quick, convenient way for many parents to take care of getting all required school supplies in one easy step.  We would like to remind parents, this is a choice, and as a school, we are providing you this option out of convenience to you, and there is no obligation to choose this option.  Your student school supply packs can be ordered ONLINE @

Grade 7 English 2020.pdf
Grade 6 English 2020.pdf
Grade 5 English 2020.pdf
Grade 4 English 2020.pdf
Grade 3 English 2020.pdf
Grade 2 English 2020.pdf
Grade 1 English 2020.pdf
Grade 7 French 2020.pdf
Grade 6 French 2020.pdf
Grade 5 French 2020.pdf
Grade 4 French 2020.pdf
Grade 3 French 2020.pdf
Grade 2 French 2020.pdf
Grade 1 French 2020.pdf