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Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

We are pleased to provide free copies of the facilitation guide, a Mindful Handbook, and each of the modules, along with PowerPoints and relevant video clips. Please note these videos have been carefully selected by the Advisory Committee.  We highly suggest you use these videos as not all videos will be appropriate or be in alignment with the spirit of the Respectful Futures Modules.

Feedback from our pilot sites reinforce our vision that the six modules be offered in sequence and in their entirety. We encourage facilitators to have participants complete the surveys before delivering the first module and again after completing the sixth module.  This ongoing feedback and guidance from participants will allow ongoing evaluation and refinements.

There is a great need to support children and youth to recognize and practise a healthier and more respectful way of being in relationship with others. 

Respectful Futures is both the name of the resource and our shared vision.

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