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Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

The Respectful Futures resources were developed over a period of two and a half years from initial ideas to a complete set of six modules, a Facilitation Guide and six PowerPoints.  It was a collaborative process involving many people throughout the province of BC and across Canada.  We are all very proud of the materials and gratified by the positive feedback received from educators and others.

Our grant funding and contract had December 31, 2017 as an end date.  We were committed to seeing that this resource was secure in future ownership and that maintenance and sustainability were assured, once our formal involvement was complete.  Three activities related to this goal were undertaken:

Website Development

Our ongoing intention has been to make the Respectful Futures resource materials available throughout the province to all school districts and to those in the community working with out-of-school youth.  We began the process of exploring options for developing and maintaining a website, in order to have a "home" for the materials where they could be accessed by all. The Education Services of the Surrey School District stepped forward with an offer to host the materials on a long-term basis.  The staff of the IMS Department worked closely with us and provided amazing creative and organizational support.  The domains and have been purchased for an initial 5 years

Advisory Committee

Several key members of the creative team, the Surrey School District, and others have agreed to form a voluntary Advisory Committee which will first convene in early 2018.  This committee will meet a number of times each year and provide oversight and guidance as to maintenance and updating of the resource materials, ongoing evaluation and other operational needs.

Continuing the Lessons Learned

Edudata, UBC, an award-winning Education Research group was retained to advise us as to the best framework by which we could evaluate our process of developing and implementing the resource and also surveying the experience of participants. An executive summary of their work, "Lessons Learned" will be posted to the site once complete.  The surveys developed for the pilot phase and completed pre- and post-delivery of the resources yielded useful information and the surveys will be available under the "Teaching Materials" tab on this site for ongoing use. We encourage facilitators to have participants complete the surveys before and after delivering the six modules.  The Advisory Committee will oversee the systematic collection and analysis of this information.

Through these and other activities we are confident that this resource will continue to be available, remain current and evaluated.

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