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Piloting the Resources

Piloting the Resources

Respectful Futures-Shaping Healthy Relationships—Piloting the Resources

The draft resource materials were completed in January, 2017.  We were committed to a process of piloting those materials by delivering them in School District settings and subsequently gathering feedback from the participants and those facilitating the delivery.  Pilot sites were selected following discussions with the Steering Committee, Advisory Group and others in the Education sector.  The sites chosen were Delta, Surrey and Chetwynd Schools, and included mainstream classes and alternate programs.

Orientation in-service sessions were held in January, 2017 with Delta and Surrey Schools staff and in February with Chetwynd School.  In attendance were those who would be delivering the modules in the pilot phase.  The discussions were facilitated by the Project Co-Managers, the Program Developer and the Education Consultant (the 'creative team').  The resource materials were discussed and feedback and suggestions were given by the School District staff.  A presentation was made on behalf of the Program Evaluation group, overviewing the "Lessons Learned" paradigm, and providing examples of the surveys proposed to be completed by participants pre- and post-delivery of the resources.

Pilot delivery was completed by the end of May and feedback was provided by the facilitators who participated in the resource delivery.  Phone consultation with the Chetwynd School District and an in-person consultation with the Surrey and Delta School District facilitators occurred in June.  These sessions yielded much valuable information and suggestions for modifications and improvements to the materials were precise and very helpful.  Those involved in facilitating during the pilots continued to provide feedback over the summer.  Suggestions for useful links to other resources were provided, and one facilitator shared an amazing series of PowerPoints she had developed for each of the six modules.  With her permission, we have developed the current set of Respectful Futures PowerPoints based largely upon her creative work.  One facilitator provided numerous suggestions for video clips relevant to each module and we continue to explore and add those.  

Overall, the comments from the facilitators involved with delivering the resource during this pilot phase were overwhelmingly positive.  Comments included: "I can't wait to facilitate this again in the new school year" and I'm going to share this with all my colleagues and encourage them to deliver the resource".  The suggestions for changes were positive and enhanced the original draft materials.

The creative team spent July and August finalizing the Facilitation Guide, the six Modules and the accompanying six PowerPoints, taking into account all suggestions, comments and observations made by those involved in the pilots, and from those involved on an ongoing basis.

At the end of August, 2017 all materials were sent as final versions for editing and desk-topping.

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