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Respectful Futures

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The Respectful Futures – Shaping Healthy Relationships resources consist of six modules, which may be used in schools and the community with the various modules being delivered to all ages but with an age-relevant approach. The modules are presented in a manner of progression that allows younger children to address relationships in a more global way, while giving older youth opportunities for a more specific and focused examination of relationships.

This project was made possible by funding from the Civil Forfeiture Office.  We are appreciative of their ongoing support and guidance. We are similarly grateful for the senior staff made available for the Steering Committee by Stroh Health Care, the Ministry of Education (Student Wellness and Safety Branch), the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General ( both the BC Corrections Branch and the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Branch), and the Surrey School District.

Significant contributions were made by the members of our Advisory Committee over the two and a half years of our work. They set aside time from their very busy schedules for formal meetings and consistently provided valuable suggestions and critiques in their review of our action plan and resource materials. 

The six modules were developed by Magi Cooper as our primary creative writer, whose experience, insight and knowledge is evident throughout. Laura Bickerton, our Education Consultant, provided an essential education "lens" through which to frame the materials, and developed our Facilitation Guide.

We are indebted to the youth who gave of their time to contribute to this project through their participation in the early focus groups and during the pilot phase delivery of the draft materials.  Their responses and guidance were invaluable.
Many other individuals and organizations contributed significantly to this project.  READ MORE    
Our Vision
To promote better understanding of healthy relationships for young people.

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