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The Respectful Futures project was truly the work of a village.  Contributions were made by many individuals and organizations:

  • GW Mercer Consulting Inc. conducted a national scan of the literature and similar initiatives, providing the initial context
  • Focus groups with students were conducted by Tess of Stroh Health Care yielding a wealth of relevant information to assist with resource material development, while members of the Advisory Group conducted consultations with their peers. 
  • F & M Chow Consulting provided the editing, proofreading and formatting of the draft materials prior to the pilot phase, and subsequent the amazing editing, formatting and desk-topping of the final versions of the resource materials.
  • Surrey, Delta and Peace River South (Chetwynd) School Districts volunteered to act as pilot sites for the delivery of the draft resources.  We were humbled by the level of commitment and enthusiasm shown by those involved.  Shari Henry, E.J. Sampson, Kelly Janda, Carla Walsh, and their colleagues went beyond our expectations.  Dr. Daniel To, Maryann Cardwell and Shari Henry coordinated the activities in the three school districts and hosted the in-service orientations provided by the Working Group (Magi Cooper, Laura Bickerton and the project co-managers: Carrie McCulley and Larry M. Fletcher).  Special shout outs go to Shari for her identifying useful video links and to Kelly for allowing us to adapt her brilliant PowerPoints which now form an important part of the resource.
  • Dr. Victor Glickman and Colleen Hawkey of Edudata, UBC developed a "Lessons Learned" paradigm to evaluate the development process and incorporated a systematic approach to collecting, compiling and analyzing information as an active element of the pilot phase and the continuing analysis during the delivery of the now finalized materials.
  • The Application Development team of the Surrey Schools IMS Department developed this Respectful Futures website and their genius created a solid “home” where teachers and other facilitators can visit to access and deliver the materials.   
  • A number of Stroh Health Care staff: Audrey, Leandra, and Katie, played a major support role over the two and a half years of the project in printing and assembling hard copy materials, transcribing materials from in-service sessions, proof reading and editing, and a variety of other tasks.

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