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East Kensington Outdoor Learning (EKOLogy)
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EKOLogy Program Description:
Through daily outdoor learning experiences, children in the EKOLogy program develop a sense of wonder and gratitude in the beauty, diversity and complexity of the world to become environmentally and socially responsible people with a passion for lifelong learning.  Children in our EKOLogy program spend a minimum of one-and-a-half hours each day learning outside the classroom.

For the 2018-2019 school year, we will be accepting students in kindergarten to Grade 4. We have space to grow the program to Grade 7 in subsequent years.

 Our outdoor learning program:

  • provides outdoor experiences that integrate B.C.'s curriculum with children's innate wonderings and curiosity.
  • allows teachers to facilitate emergent, experiential, inquiry-based, play-based, and place-based learning.
  • allows teachers to help children to identify, co-manage and navigate risk. Opportunities to experience risk are seen as an integral part of learning and healthy development.
  • aligns with the First Peoples Principles of Learning.
  • develops students' core competencies. Experiential learning in the outdoors fosters children's competencies as creative and critical thinkers, effective communicators, and people who are personally, socially and environmentally aware.

East Kensington Outdoor Learning

Register for Grades 1-4 – Jan. 8, 2018
Register for kindergarten – Jan. 15, 2018 

For more information contact:
Principal- Chris Baldry
Vice-Principal - Keri Stanger

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Time: 9/20/2018 6:22:15 AM
Host: AS80
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