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Intensive French (6-7) and Enhanced French (Secondary)
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Intensive French
(Grade 6-7)

Program Description:  Intensive French is a literacy-based second language program in which French is taught intensively for the first five months of Grade 6, with a continuation of one hour of French per day in the second five months, as well as throughout Grade 7. There is a follow-up to Intensive French called "Enhanced French" at three secondary schools where students continue to study French at a higher level.

Programme Francais intensif booklet 2019.pdf

Elementary INTENSIVE FRENCH Schools:


Coast Meridian Elementary

8222 – 168A Street

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-574-6036


Frost Road Elementary

8606 – 162 Street

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-572-4050


Erma Stephenson Elementary

10929 – 160 Street

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-583-5419


Ocean Cliff Elementary

12550 – 20 Avenue

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-538-1770


Fraser Wood Elementary

10650 – 164 Street

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-589-6442


Secondary ENHANCED FRENCH Schools:


Elgin Park Secondary

13484 – 24 Avenue

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-538-6678


Fraser Heights Secondary

16060 – 108 Avenue

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-582-9231


North Surrey Secondary

15945 – 96 Avenue

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-581-4433

Registration:  Register in person at the school.​